Battery Logistics: Shipping, Storage and Transportation

Shipping Lithium-ion batteries needs safe and secure handling and transportation.

Shipping Lithium-Ion Batteries - Logistics and Supply Chain

Lithium-ion batteries are among the fastest-growing markets on the planet. Sustainability regulations and demand for electric vehicles (EV) are set to push the market further than many imagined. But are supply chain processes ready for such a need? To answer that question, it is essential to consider the actual growth behind the market.


Battery Logistics: Freight, Warehousing and Transportation

With the increase in demand for batteries around the world, industries such as the Automotive Electric Vehicle market and Consumer Goods (including mobile phones and personal computers that are battery powered), require the safe and secure transportation by air, ocean or road for the movements of Lithium batteries that are a necessity for equipment and devices. 

From production to recycling, Crane Worldwide Logistics can provide processes to support your business with the complex logistics requirements for battery shipments and storage. 

Process flow for Battery Production to Recycling



During the mining process for Lithium extraction mines, logistics support can be provided for heavy duty equipment relocation, load at mines and safe handling of heavy and oversized loads such as big bags. In addition, our logistics experts can provide international transportation and bonded storage for mining projects. Complete transportation services include bulk transportation, consolidation/deconsolidation as well as port services and delivery to the final destination. 


At the battery pre-production stage, our services can include resin management and handling of graphite, aluminum substrate as well as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) separators as examples. In addition, our international transportation, storage and warehousing capabilities can support your business. 

Cell Manufacturer

From cell pouches to cylindrical or prismatic cells, our logistics experts can provide transportation and logistics services for cell manufacturers. This also includes cell assembly, finishing and packing. Electrode manufacturing can be complex, and we can devise a logistics solution tailored to your requirements. 

Battery Manufacturer

Quality control and testing are required during the pack assembly process, frequently using thermal interface materials, ultrasonic bonding, and laser welding techniques. Throughout the module assembly process, our value-added services can support battery manufacturers to ensure full compliance with the completion of the finished battery pack. 

Product Manufacturer

Deliveries of battery packs for installation into electric vehicles generally require just-in-sequence or just-in-time distribution services to comply with efficient production techniques. Crane Worldwide Logistics can support your additional value-added requirements, such as the assembly of components to support your production facilities. 


For distributors, Crane Worldwide Logistics can assist with packaging and labeling compliance and wholesale distribution.  


After-market services to ensure the effective recycling of battery packs can be provided at our facilities, including services such as receiving and sorting of the lithium battery shipment.

Battery Logistics Services


  • Oversized battery pack transportation (project logistics)
  • Container loading of modules, cells and packs
  • End to end CEIV certified safe transport with strategic airline partners 
  • Ocean container optimization 


  • Overpack solutions 
  • Packaging solutions for modules, cells, battery packs, as well pre-production components 
  • Packing solutions for end-of-life batteries 
  • Reusable solutions for OEM and Tier1 production material batteries UN certified 


  • End-to-end 360 degrees business planning from mining to recycling 
  • Air freight route optimization of restricted products
  • Ocean freight route otimization for restricted products 


  • End to end documentation support 
  • Support with Testing certificates 
  • Dangerous goods certificates 

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Battery Packaging

Shipping batteries in a boxAs with most dangerous goods or hazardous materials, batteries and battery-powered equipment need safe and secure packaging to minimize risks during transportation. To safely pack and ship batteries, it is important to follow guidelines that will protect your products. To avoid short-circuiting of batteries, packaging material is advised, such as blister packs and cushioning as well as outer packaging carefully selected. 

IATA provides a comprehensive guideline on the transportation of battery packs and advice on packaging, the detail can be downloaded here. 

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CEIV Excellence in Logistics Lithium Battery stampIATA CEIV certification - Lithium-Ion Batteries

The transportation and storage of Lithium-Ion batteries require strict safety protocols to ensure the correct handling, packaging, and transportation methods of Lithium-Ion batteries, components, and products that contain lithium-ion batteries.

IATA’s CEIV certification program, specializing in Lithium-Ion transportation, is a rigorous certification process ensuring operations, personnel, and facilities adhere to the standards, government regulations, and guidelines IATA’s experts provide. Crane Worldwide Logistics has obtained certification from IATA in key locations. 

You can read more about the certification award and Lithium-Ion Battery shipping here


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