April 25, 2023

Crane Worldwide Logistics awarded IATA CEIV certification for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Crane Worldwide Logistics announced today that it had been awarded IATA’s CEIV certification for transporting Lithium-Ion batteries.

The transportation and storage of Lithium-Ion batteries require strict safety protocols to ensure the correct handling, packaging, and transportation methods of Lithium-Ion batteries, components, and products that contain lithium-ion batteries.

IATA’s CEIV certification program, specializing in Lithium-Ion transportation, is a rigorous certification process ensuring operations, personnel, and facilities adhere to the standards, government regulations, and guidelines IATA’s experts provide. 

“As the demand for Lithium-Ion batteries continues to surge around the world, this is an important step forward for Crane Worldwide Logistics in continuing our focus on safety when handling Lithium-Ion batteries,” comments Robert Gulyas, Global Vice President of Automotive, who will be speaking about the importance of the certification program at IATA’s World Cargo Symposium in Turkey this week.

“The certification has initially been awarded to key locations in Asia and North America, and we are grateful for the ongoing collaboration between IATA and our global teams. The certification assures our clients that safety is at the top of our agenda,” Gulyas adds.

“We congratulate Crane Worldwide Logistics in achieving CEIV Lithium Battery certification. From cargo handlers, ground handling companies, freight forwarders and shipping companies, the more stakeholders along the value chain which participate in CEIV Lithium Battery, the stronger and more effective it will be for the industry. Ultimately, we all want to see a network of CEIV Lithium Battery trade lanes with participants certified at origin, destination and in transit points,” said Brendan Sullivan, IATA Global Head of Cargo. 

Crane Worldwide Logistics continues to focus on the safety of handling, storage, and transportation of Lithium batteries as part of a long-term strategy to support international clients and partners with their global transportation needs. 

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