Our exclusive and top-notch set of technology tools seamlessly integrates with logistics processes to make supply chains more efficient. We dedicate ourselves to providing custom-built logistics solutions to meet your business needs.

Infrastructure and innovation to solve your logistics challenges

We continuously improve our systems, develop better processes, and invest in logistics tools to match your supply chain needs. As your Digital Freight Forwarder, we aim to provide adaptability, ease of integration, advanced cargo visibility, and total control for your inventory, shipments, and other business areas.

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Fully integrated logistics technology

Our unique blend of People, Service, and Technology have allowed our technology products to evolve into trustworthy logistics platforms providing our clients accurate visibility of their entire supply chain and demand chain. Our solutions replace painful and time-consuming manual processes with faster and more efficient operations.

All our technology products were designed applying a user-centric design with the simple objective of enabling our clients to address actionable shipping, cargo, and inventory information in real-time. We ensure that our systems allow our clients to make informed supply chain decisions to support and improve their organization's performance.

Systems to support your supply chain

  • freight and cargo technologyTransportation Management System (TMS)
  • Purchase Order Management System
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Produce Inspection Tool
  • External Integrations
  • Supply Chain Portal
  • Demand Planning
  • Order Status
  • Delivery Status

Our Technology Products - Crane Worldwide Logistics offers a suite of integrated solutions to give your business the ability to exchange Transportation, Warehousing, and PO level data in real-time.

C-VIEW (Shipment Tracker)

C-View is our virtual viewpoint that clients can access freely and track their shipments with Crane Worldwide Logistics.

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container port, container ship and air freight

PINPOINT (Purchase Order Management)

Pinpoint is the name of Crane Worldwide's Purchase Order (PO) Management solution, providing end-to-end item visibility in near real-time across a client's supply chain down to the (PO) order and item detail.

More about PINPOINT

professionals using a purchase order management system

CRANE TMS (Transportation Management System)

The Crane TMS system offers a single, intuitive transportation software platform to determine the least-cost delivery options, including accessorial costs, customers' delivery preferences, and more. Compare carriers and fees for parcel, LTL, and Truckload deliveries.

More about TMS

highway with trucks being tracked, a couple of professionals performing an inventory, and staff person doing cycle count

FOOTPRINT (Warehouse Management System)

Footprint is our workflow-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) that manages warehouse distribution services. This tool has been designed to review on-hand inventory and transactions.

More about FOOTPRINT

forklift moving pallets inside a warehouse, staff moving cargo, a couple of peers verifying pallets inside a warehouse

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