March 11, 2024

Women in Transport and Logistics Award 2024

Director of Operations Excellence EMEA wins the Women in Logistics and Transport Award 2024

Logistics in Ireland award ceremonyThe logistics and transport sector is the backbone of global commerce, facilitating the flow of goods across continents with precision and efficiency. Its significance cannot be overstated, as it not only ensures the smooth operation of international trade but also drives advancements in technology and sustainability. 

Recognizing excellence within this sector is essential. It not only celebrates the achievements of those who lead the way, but also sets a benchmark for others to aspire to, encouraging a culture of continuous improvement for freight forwarding, contract logistics and integrated logistics solutions.

Let’s take a deeper look at the journey of one person this International Women's Day and her recent success winning the Women in Logistics and Transport at this year’s Irish Logistics and Transport Awards on March 7th – Edith Denieffe!

The Journey of a Leader: Edith Denieffe's Path to winning a National Award.

Edith Denieffe, Regional Director of Operations Excellence at Crane Worldwide Logistics in Europe, Middle East and Africa, is among top individuals recognized at this year’s Irish Logistics and Transport Awards. Her expertise lies in Operations and she has a long history in the transport and logistics industry.

Edith Denieffe's illustrious career in the logistics and transport sector is testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey to the top is paved with groundbreaking initiatives that have not only propelled Crane Worldwide Logistics forward but have motivated and driven her team members. She is considered a role model to many.

Initially managing the Irish operations for Crane Worldwide Logistics, who are based in Shannon, Cork and Dublin, she improved processes through her hands on experience to drive the business forward. Recently, taking on the role of Director of Operations Excellence, Edith continues to share her experience and knowledge with the Europe, Middle East and Africa team through KPI-driven processes to attain excellence in operations. From integrating cutting-edge technology to championing sustainable practices, Denieffe's contributions are numerous and varied, reflecting her innovative spirit and dedication. 

Furthermore, her commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals is on full display in her work with Crane Cares.

Crane Cares: A Commitment to Community and Industry

With Edith Denieffe's participation and advocacy, the Crane Cares program stands as a shining example of corporate responsibility perfectly blended with industry innovation. This initiative goes beyond the typical corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, leveraging the company's logistics capabilities for societal benefit, thus reflecting Denieffe's deep-seated belief in giving back to the community. 

As an example, the 'Logistics for Literacy' drive within the Crane Cares program uses the company's logistics network to distribute books to underserved communities, demonstrating the potential of logistics to support community service.

Edith’s own contributions are perhaps most notable in her work supporting charities to deliver humanitarian aid in Ukraine which enabled Irish donations to reach Ukraine with her transportation knowledge and experience of cross-border processes.

Benchmarking Success: The Criteria for Excellence

Logistics award winner in IrelandThe criteria set by the expert judging panel for the gala awards ceremony is comprehensive, reflecting the multifaceted nature of excellence in the logistics and transport sector. Nominees are evaluated on a range of qualifications, from technological advancements to leadership and innovation, ensuring that only the most deserving candidates are recognized.

Edith Denieffe's innovative approach to optimizing not only operations but those beyond her typical purview is exemplified by her career. As Crane Worldwide looks to continue to expand across the globe with international freight forwarding and contract logistics capabilities including recent warehouse openings in Cork, Ireland, in Columbus, Ohio, and Johannesburg in South Africa, as a few examples, her strengths and greatness will remain an example to us all. 

The Impact of Recognition: Beyond the Gala Awards Ceremony

Winning an award at the gala ceremony is a significant achievement that extends far beyond the event itself. For Edith Denieffe, such recognition serves as a validation of her hard work and dedication at a National level across Ireland. It was a timely reminder, on the eve of International Women's Day, that diversity and inclusion is paramount to leading the way for growth and innovation.

In 2023, Edith was voted as top employee by her peers across the EMEA region, recognition of the respect and inspiration she receives from her co-workers in the region. 

A Vision for the Future: Leading Players in Logistics and Transport

Leaders like Edith Denieffe play a crucial role in shaping the future of the logistics and transport sector. Celebrating Edith Denieffe's achievements and her national award at the gala ceremony is an opportunity for the logistics and transport sector to acknowledge the transformative impact of her work. Supporting her nomination celebrates the excellence she represents and inspires a culture of innovation and strategic foresight within the sector.

Female role models are essential for the next generation and Crane Worldwide Logistics takes pride in championing leaders like Denieffe, whose efforts drive the industry forward and pave the way for a future of innovation and excellence. 

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