Growing demand for warehousing and distribution centers in Columbus, Ohio

April 11, 2024

Looking to set up a distribution center in Columbus, Ohio?

With the growing demands for warehouse space in Columbus, Ohio, Crane Worldwide Logistics has recently moved into a new facility in Lockbourne. Growing in partnership with our clients, the new warehouse in Columbus offers full 3PL services and we have warehouse space available that is ideally located for your distribution center. 

Warehousing is evolving. According to facilities management giant, Cushman & Wakefield, the warehousing market in the Ohio has been experiencing record-setting growth since 2022. In fact, vacancy rates have dropped below 3% for the first time in history, and this is in tandem with record-setting new construction as well. 

Columbus, Ohio is a key transportation and distribution hub in the Midwest region of the United States. With a growing logistics infrastructure, Columbus, Ohio has advantages as a distribution hot spot: 

  1. Transportation Infrastructure: Columbus benefits from its strategic location. It is easily accessible to major highways and interstates, including I-70 and I-71. These highways connect the city to other regions within Ohio and to neighboring states, facilitating the movement of goods. Additionally, the city is served by John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH), providing air cargo services. Rickenbacker airport (LCK) is an upcoming hub for air cargo transportation and is just 1 mile from Crnae Worldwide's new warehouse. 
  2. Distribution Centers in Ohio: Many companies are setting up distribution centers throughout Columbus, serving as a hub for the storage and delivery of goods. These centers often serve industries such as retail, e-commerce, and manufacturing.
  3. E-commerce Fulfillment: With the steady growth of online shopping, Columbus has emerged as a preferred location for e-commerce fulfillment centers. Its central location within the United States allows for quicker delivery times to both East Coast and Midwest customers. 
  4. Logistics Workforce: The presence of many distribution centers and logistics operations in Columbus has also created a robust workforce in the industry. The city offers a pool of skilled labor, which is supplemented by local universities and technical schools that provide training programs in logistics and supply chain management.
  5. Economic Impact: The logistics industry has a significant economic impact on Columbus. It generates jobs and contributes to the city's overall economy by attracting companies to establish their operations in the area. Additionally, the industry supports a wide range of ancillary services, such as trucking companies, warehousing providers, and logistics software developers.

The city's favorable location, transportation infrastructure, and presence of distribution centers, such as Crane Worldwide's new warehouse in Columbus, make it an ideal destination for businesses looking to establish their logistical operations.

In addition, as a Columbus Ohio warehouse within a growing hub of logistics activity for North America, Crane Worldwide is well-positioned to enable end-to-end logistics management throughout our network of services that include full freight forwarding services including air freight and ocean freight, customs brokerage, warehouse management and value-added services as well as our own domestic trucking service throughout the United States. 

3PL Warehouse in Columbus, Ohio

Warehouse in ColumbusCrane Worldwide Logistics has recently moved into a new warehouse in Columbus, Ohio.

Located just 1 mile from Rickenbacker airport and just 5 miles from the NS Intermodal terminal, the new warehouse is strategically located to support distribution in the midwest.

With 535,000 square foot of warehouse space which includes over 100,000 square foot of dedicated climate controlled area, the warehouse can accomodate multiple requirements for 3PL services in Columbus. With our own domestic trucking service, Crane Worldwide can support your U.S. distribution center from Ohio.

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