February 9, 2021

All you need to know to import and export your goods to and from the UK

Brexit Checklist: Are you importing and exporting from the United Kingdom?

Ensure your documentation is ready, below a checklist of what you need to know... guidance is available from the Crane Worldwide Logistics team who can support the transportation of your import and export goods to and from the UK. 


The Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number is a required for customs clearance of goods in the European Union and the UK
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The requirement for both the EORI number of recipient and EORI number of Sender. 

Clearance Instructions

A trader would need to determine whether goods are subject to export controls or import restrictions. 

Power of Attorney (POA)

Traders need to raise and send over a clearance instruction to your customs broker along with a Direct Customs Agent Authority. Should you wish Crane Worldwide to act on your behalf, please complete the following form which authorises CWW to act in the capacity of Direct Customs Agent, available to download here, and get in touch with your local representative

Qualification for Reduced Tariffs under EU-GB Trade Agreement

A trader would need to detemine if the goods qualify under the rules of origin as set out in the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement to claim the preferential rate of duty upon import into the UK or EU.

Export Declaration

Provide the MRN number of the export declaration (EAD) — to be inserted in the transport order — and handover the export accompanying document to the driver.    

Commercial Invoice

The client must provide an electronic copy of the commercial invoice.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule of Goods     

Harmonized classification (HTS) code of the goods. 

UK: You can search for import and export commodity codes and for tax, duty and licences that apply to your goods and cargo here

EU: You can search for the code for your goods here

Description of Goods

Information for the product in question, must include gross/net weight and number/type of packaging, as well as the HTS code    

Value of Goods

Monetary value of goods and currency to calculate the customs duties and value added tax (VAT)    


Agree on delivery terms with your business partners, as they define who is responsible for the customs clearance and associated costs You can download the latest 2020 Incoterms chart of responsibility here

UK Import Process

Border Operating Model outlines UK import and export procedures and easement options, which are required to be confirmed and initiated prior to the cross-border movement over the Dover Straights. The client will need to inform us which option will be used: the full import declaration method or the postponed declaration method (EORI of importer suffices to enter the UK and available until the end of June 2021).  Further information here: UK Border Operating Model

Import VAT   

UK VAT registered businesses may be able to take advantage of Postponed VAT accounting, which enables import into Free Circulation without the requirement to prepay VAT. Instead VAT is accounted for within you periodic VAT return. Check when you can account for your VAT here

Common Transit   

This is an EU facilitation that the UK signed up to in the early part of the EU negotiations. This enables goods to move inland within the EU with the Duty and VAT suspended under the control document T1. Removes the requirement to customs clear at the first customs post upon arrival into the EU.    

Flags of EU and United KingdomDo you require customs brokerage and logistics support for your shipments to and from the United Kingdom?

Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Crane Worldwide Logistics team with your enquiry. We are here to help!

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