Our Purchase Order (PO) Management system integrates PO order item detail into the logistics process from inception to delivery.

Robust visibility across your supply chain

PinPOint is our cloud-based, integrated shipment visibility application connecting clients to suppliers' operations providing active control and monitoring product movement from origin to destination.

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PINPOINT is the name of Crane Worldwide's Purchase Order (PO) Management solution, providing end-to-end item visibility in near real-time across a client's supply chain down to the PO, order, and item detail. The PO Management lifecycle starts with creating a PO by Crane's client, issued to their supplier, and ends with the suppliers' complete fulfillment or cancellation of all PO item quantities. Visibility to the client, supplier, and CWW is provided through the Pinpoint web portal.

While PINPOINT represents the client-facing branding of our PO Management solution, internally, it comprises multiple integrated applications with Amber Road's Trade Automation cloud-based logistics platform at its core. Trade Automation (TA) powers the bulk of our PO Management capabilities, including the web-based client and supplier portals and standalone reporting from within the Trade Automation web portal. Trade Automation is integrated directly with our TMF Enterprise Forwarding core system, ensuring a seamless transition of shipment details when Crane is handling associated transportation.

How PINPOINT works?

how PINPOINT works


  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Accountability
  • Visibility
  • Reporting

What does PINPOINT manage?

  • Upstream Tracking & Ex-factory dates
  • Manage Bookings & Exceptions, PO over and short
  • Consolidation Planning
  • Mode Management
  • Link transportation details to the order item detail

Customized solutions

  • PO Inception
  • PO Details
  • SKU/Item Tracking
  • PO Splits
  • Time Management
  • Vendor Management

Gaining control of purchase orders upstream: Visibility and Vendor management

When one of our automotive manufacturing clients came to us with upstream, import supply chain problems we did a deep dive to understand the issues and provide solutions. We found that most issues revolved around a lack of visibility at the order and item level, controls around the purchase order process, and vendor management. We proposed Crane’s PINPOINT solution to help the client gain control over their purchase order process and vendors management. This led to measurable savings, new found efficiency and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Read here the PINPOINT Case Study

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