March 4, 2024

UAE NAIC HS Code Requirements

UAE NAIC HS Code Requirements 

Effective 29 February 2024, the UAE National Advance Information Center (NAIC), has mandated that the 6-digit Harmonized System (HS) Codes shall be provided as a part of the Advance Cargo Information (ACI) filing for all Air freight shipments being imported into, exported from, or transiting through the United Arab Emirates. 

The HS Codes shall be provided as follows:

  • The 6-digit HS Code shall be provided to Crane/Crane’s Agent at the time the goods are tendered to Crane/Crane’s Agent’ facilities.
  • The 6-digit HS code shall be validated against the World Customs Organization (WCO) HS Code list.
  • The 8 or 10-digit codes shall also be accepted, but only the first 6 digits of these HS Code need to be validated.

 The required information shall be provided in the below formats:

1.    Direct shipments: the HS Code shall be provided in the Master Air Waybill (RTD section of the FWB message using the identifier “NH”).
2.    Consolidated shipments: the HS Codes shall be provided in the House Air Waybill (FHL message using the identifier “HTS”)

If there are more HS codes than can be documented on the FWB or FHL, then the HS Codes for the most significant shipments by weight or volume should be provided.

For detailed guidance on this and other customs requirements, please check the NAIC ACI Customs Requirements.

What happens if the mandatory information is not received prior to departure?
Failure to provide the HS Codes shall result in a violation and may be subject to penalties.

What does this mean to You? 

Prior to departure of your goods, that are exported from, destined to, or transiting through the UAE, the above-mentioned information Must be provided to Crane to avoid any delays or cancellations of the shipments.

For any questions please reach out to Crane Global Trade Compliance, or email:

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