February 4, 2022

Biden administration eases Trump-era Solar Tariffs, but doesn't end them

President Biden extended the Trump-era tariffs on imported solar energy equipment by four years on Friday but he also eased the terms to exclude a panel technology dominant among big US projects as a concession to installers.

Bifacial panels, which can generate electricity on both sides are a favored by large scale developers, are exempted from the four-year extension of the tariffs. 

Import quotas on solar cells, the main components of panels, are doubled to 5 gigawatts, and also opens a pathway for duty-free supply from Canada and Mexico.

The former Trump-era tariffs started at 30% and declined to 15% in the finalyear.  They were set to expire February 6, but five domestic manufacturers sought the extension based on their products being unable to compete with overseas-made goods that dominate the US market as a result of companies importing and stockpiling before the tariffs took effect, the coronavirus pandemic and cost inflation.

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