August 25, 2022

New USDA Database - REMINDER

Agricultural Commodity Import Requirements (ACIR)

USDA and APHIS have developed a new database called Agricultural Commodity Import Requirements (ACIR).  This database gives the trade a simple search interface for locating requirements to import agricultural goods.  It will be the official location for such information, replacing FAVIR and the three manuals covering cut flowers, seeds not for planting and miscellaneous processed products manual.

On September 30, 2022, the FAVIR website will redirect users to the ACIR website.  On October 3, USDA will remove the 3 aforementioned manuals from its public-facing USDA website.

APHIS’ ACIR benefits include:

  • A user-friendly search tool for commodity import information
  • All relevant import requirements for a given commodity are presented in one place
  • Self-service responses to entry requirement questions

USDA has created tutorials for the trade to view regarding the new site.  Please follow this link to view

The link to the new ACIR page is here

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