January 24, 2023

New Trade Reporting Requirement for Reconciliation Original Amounts

New Trade Reporting Requirement for Reconciliation Original Amounts

On January 19, 2023, a new Reconciliation (Recon) capability deployed in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) that will require trade users to report to original amounts (value, duty, taxes, and fees; 56-,57-,58-records) to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) when an underlying entry summary has a flag for both Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and OTHER, i.e., when the entry summary is double flagged. Additionally, the deployment included the requirement of two 50-record groupings on the OTHER Recon if the line was split on the FTA Recon. 


ACE did not have the ability to distinguish the affected value, duty, taxes, and fees from the aggregate data of the FTA Recon for the portion required on the OTHER Recon. Without that ability, CBP did not have the FTA Recon amounts for use in validating and reviewing the OTHER Recon entry. Upon request from CBP, trade users uploaded a spreadsheet containing the breakdown from the FTA Recon entry for the double flagged entry summaries with its perspective reconciled amounts in the Document Image System. 


The new ACE Recon capability requires original amounts to be reported in ACE when:

  • One or more underlying entry summary lines are referenced in an FTA Recon
  • The FTA Recon is filed and accepted

When a line is split on an FTA Recon and an OTHER Recon filing, ACE can require two reconciled line identity detail groupings. The first grouping must contain the Special Program Indicator (SPI) code and the second grouping will have a blank SPI code. For example, an entry summary has a line with 100 units and only 50 of those units quality for FTA at the time the FTA Recon is filed. The FTA Recon will have two reconciled rows with the first row having 50 units with the SPI code and the second row will have 50 units without an SPI code. 

There are three ways trade users can report the data:

  • Group underlying entry summaries that are not double flagged - Original amounts are not required.
  • Group underlying entry summaries that are double flagged - Original amounts are required.
  • Group mixed (double flagged and not double flagged) underlying entry summaries - Original amounts are required. There is no partial reporting of original amounts for mixed underlying entry summaries. 

Trade users are responsible for reporting accurate original amounts for double flagged entry summaries. If original amounts are not reported when required, an automated rejection will occur with the fatal error message, “ORIG AMITS MISSING; FTA FOUND.”

The Reconciliation: Entry Summary Create/Update V7 will be posted under the Chapters: Current Capabilities tab.  The Reconciliation: Error Dictionary V9 will be posted under the Supporting Documents tab.

For any technical questions regarding this update, please contact your assigned Client Representative.

For Reconciliation policy questions, please email the Commercial Operations, Entry and Revenue (CORE) Division at ot-reconfolder@cbp.dhs.gov.

Crane Trade Services can assist you with questions regarding this matter.  For assistance please contact CWTSConsulting@craneww.com.

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