July 8, 2021

Khapra Beetle High-Risk Shipments to Australia

On the 12th July 2021, mandatory treatment of containers for Khapra Beetle will enter into force.

This will require importers to ensure compliance with treatment measures for containers originating in a Khapra Beetle country containing High Risk Plant Products OR destined for a rural grain growing region of Australia.

It is important to note that these measures are only in place for FCL/FCX GP and Open Top containers. Refrigerated, Flat Rack and LCL cargo are exempt from these measures.

While this will only affect some importers, it is important to check the questions on the following two pages and if you answer YES to either of these, you will be required to treat the container at origin prior to departure.

Included in this advisory are links to fumigators in target risk countries and we ask you to communicate with your suppliers/shippers to ensure goods are treated offshore.

Failure to treat offshore will result in the containers being re-exported for offshore treatment before being eligible for re-importation.

Take a quick assessment for Khapra beetle mandatory offshore treatment below.

Q 1.    Are you shipping from a country listed in the Target High Risk Khapra Beetle Countries?

Table containing words of country names

If you answered NO, there is no action required for your containers.

If you answered YES,  please answer the following two questions to determine if your container is subject to measures.

Q 2.     Are you shipping from a target risk country and does your consignment contain High Risk Plant products, as listed on the following page?

If you answered YES, you are required to treat the container prior to export.

Q 3.    Are you shipping from a target risk country and contain other goods AND the container is destined for a rural grain growing area of Australia?

(A rural grain growing area is determined by delivery postcode – if goods are being unpacked in a METRO area and delivered loose to the rural delivery address, measures would not apply – if you are unsure of the status of the delivery address, please contact me to confirm if measures will apply)

If you answered YES, you are required to treat the container prior to export.

Table containing numbers

Please check the website for further information on Target High Risk plant products https://www.agriculture.gov.au/pests-diseases-weeds/plant/khapra-beetle/urgent-actions#highrisk-plant-products

Offshore Treatment Providers https://www.agriculture.gov.au/import/before/prepare/treatment-outside-australia/afas/providers

Khapra Beetle Information https://www.agriculture.gov.au/pests-diseases-weeds/plant/khapra-beetle/sea-container-measures


Should you have any question please contact your local Crane Import Customs Team or Crane Trade Services at cwtsconsulting@craneww.com

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