May 12, 2021

CBP Issues Fact Sheet on Cut Flower Marking Requirements

Customs issued a new fact sheet to remind importers of their obligations under the country of origin marking requirements relative to the importation of fresh cut flower bouquets.

Generally, fresh cut flowers imported in bulk (and not sold to retail customers in a pre-packaged outermost container) are on the so-called “J-list” and not required to be individually marked.  

Yet, some marking requirements still apply:
•    If J-list cut flowers are imported in a container, the outermost container which ordinarily reaches the ultimate purchaser must be marked with the country of origin.
•    If the cut flowers are repacked in a new container (such as assembled into a bouquet) for retail sale, the importer must certify to the CEE director that 1)the importer will mark the new container with the country of origin if the importer does the repackaging; or 2)I the cut flowers will be sold or transferred to a subsequent purchaser or repacker, the importer will notify that purchaser/transferee in writing that any repacking of the flowers must be properly marked with the country of origin.
A certification statement must either appear on an appropriate entry document or a blanket form may be submitted to cover all importations of a particular product for a specific period of time, such as a calendar year.  The blanket certification must be filed with CBP at the port of entry or electronically.

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