May 19, 2021

CSMS #47830638 Proper Entry/Entry Summary Reporting for Complete Golf Clubs with Multiple Countries of Origin

Per CSMS #47830638, complete golf clubs are made of prefabricated components consisting of a head, shaft and grip, often with those components having different countries of origin, some of which are subject to Section 301 duties if the country of origin is China.

The country of assembly becomes an important factor in the determination of the country of origin to be reported. While the entire golf club has one entire classification, the country of origin of the components may need to be reported.

If either the head or the shaft is of the same country of origin where the assembly of the club occurs, the country of origin is the country of assembly.
Where the origin of both the head and the shaft is different from the country of assembly of the golf club, the golf club will have multiple countries of origin, including the countries of the head and the shaft.

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