December 14, 2022

CBP Global Business Identifier

CBP Launches Global Business Identifier Pilot to Increase Supply Chain Visibility

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), will collaborate with 13 partner government agencies to deploy a Global Business Identifier (GBI) pilot program that will test the concept of a single business identifier solution to improve the US Government’s ability to efficiently identify high-risk shipments and facilitate legitimate trade.

Through the GBI Evaluative Proof of Concept (EPoC), volunteers from the trade community will provide CBP with entity identifier codes to allow more comprehensive insight into shipper, seller, and manufacturer data.

The pilot seeks to modernize trade processes by evaluating unique business identifiers or a combination of identifiers to replace the Manufacturer/Shipper Identification (MID) number, which only includes the importer name and address and is not a managed, unique identifier. Industry volunteers will also submit three other identifiers to CBP for evaluation – Data Universal Numbering System, Global Location Number, and Legal Entity Identifier. CBP will then evaluate the optimal combination of identifiers to capture critical data including the main legal entity, specific business locations, and supply chain roles while optimizing GBI design, usability, and scope.

The GBI EPoC offers the potential for enhancing CBP’s enforcement capabilities while facilitating clearance of fair and legal trade, to achieve greater visibility into U.S. supply chains. 

“The complexity of modern, global supply chains requires innovative solutions to increase transparency. Our hope for this pilot program is that it will give us a more complete picture of goods making their way into the U.S. so that we can focus enforcement efforts on high-risk shipments while ensuring the free flow of legal trade that supports our economy,” said AnnMarie R. Highsmith, Executive Assistant Commissioner, CBP Office of Trade. “With the GBI pilot, we expect improved data quality, industry cost and time savings, streamlined supply chain tracking, and increased protection from counterfeiting – wins for both the trade community and the U.S. government.”

The GBI is a priority initative for the Border Interagency Executive Council (BIEC), an executive advisory board that assists federal agencies in their efforts to enhance coordination across customs, transport security, health and safety, sanitary, conservation, trade, and phytosanitary agencies with border management authorities and responsibilities to measurably improve supply chain processes and the identification of illicit and non-compliant shipments.

A copy of the Federal Register Notice with instructions on how trade participants can register is available here. More information on the GBI may be found at Global Business Identifier Fact Sheet ( 

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