December 10, 2021

'That Great Business Show' talks to Christopher Deans, Sales Director EMEA discussing Supply Chain Challenges

Let's talk Supply Chain Disruption and Solutions!

Two men sat at table with microphones for podcastThe festive season is not only a busy time for retailers stocking shelves in time for Christmas, around the world.

Supply chain experts are working around the current industry challenges to make sure that goods arrive at the right place, at the right time for the right price. 

Christopher Deans, Sales Director EMEA at Crane Worldwide Logistics speaks to Conall Ó Móráin on 'That Great Business Show', Ireland's best business podcast, about the current supply chain challenges, not only in Ireland but around the world. 

Our thanks to That Great Business Show for the insightful discussion.

Supply Chain Solutions

All products and supplies have been hit with turbulence of supply chains in 2021. Significant challenges relating to COVID and Brexit have spearheaded the greatest disruption in supply chains known by this generation. In this quirky podcast, Conall highlights the poultry industry in the lead up to the Christmas festivities and correctly stated by Chris Deans, it is not just the final product on shelves that has been impacted but the broad range of components that make products suitable for the end consumers. In the case of turkeys for example, let's not forget the packaging, netting, labels etc. 

The chip shortage has contributed to the slowdown in availability of core Christmas gifts, impacting games console manufacturers, laptops, household appliances and more. The Automotive industry which is heavily reliant on semiconductors, for the advanced technology revolutionising the industry, has experienced significant production dilemmas. 

2021 has been a difficult year for many, the switch from ocean freight, due to the congestion at ports, to air freight has been notable and demand for solutions such as rail freight from China to Europe has escalated as a more resilient logistics solution in terms of capacity and guaranteed arrival times.

Crane Worldwide Logistics takes a partnership approach with its clients, navigating uncertainly with a personal touch and utilizing all modes, Ocean, Air, Rail to provide the most suitable solution on a case by case basis. Additionally, our expanding warehouse infrastructure supports the storage, bonded capabilities and value added services. 

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