November 21, 2022

Crane Worldwide Sponsors bedroom at House for families of sick children in London

Crane Worldwide Sponsors bedroom at House for families of sick children in London

Crane Worldwide Logistics has raised funds to sponsor a bedroom at Ronald McDonald House Evelina London in 2023. The Evelina London House, based close to St Thomas' Hospital in central London, is operated by Ronald McDonald House Charities UK, a charity which provides free ‘home away from home’ accommodation to help ease the emotional and financial burden of having a child in hospital. 

The Crane Cares initiative began when the Evelina London House supported a Crane Worldwide team member from the Heathrow office in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

When Ellis Miah, Operations Coordinator of Crane Worldwide Logistics in London, and his wife welcomed their son, Oscar, who was born seven weeks premature with a pre-diagnosed heart condition, the family didn’t know what was in store for them. Oscar’s heart condition caused his right lung to not get enough blood to grow properly - and it probably never will. As a result, his heart is on the wrong side, and he now needs a prosthetic lung to keep everything in the proper place inside his chest. Additionally, Oscar’s oesophagus didn’t join together correctly in utero. At just two days old, Oscar had surgery to correct the oesophagus, but it left him with damage to his airway muscles. Therefore, his airway cannot stay open without his tracheostomy tube and ventilator.

The charity provided a place to stay and supported the family through all of Oscar’s surgeries – with each one riskier and more life threatening than the last. They provided comfort and strength during the family’s darkest hours.

Following the support Oscar and his family received from Evelina London House the team at Crane Worldwide wanted to support the charity so that more families could receive care and the reduction of financial burdens and that is when the wheels began turning for how a fundraiser could take place to best support the organisation. 

The Evelina London House, part of Ronald McDonald House Charities UK, relies heavily on the business community's charitable efforts to continue operating 13 Houses around the UK, providing a 'home away from home' when parents with critically ill children need support. With hotel rooms costing up to £300 in central London, the charity alleviates the financial burden but more importantly provides much needed care for parents and families at the most difficult times. 

"We are grateful for the fundraising activities of companies like Crane Worldwide Logistics," comments Ben Walker, Corporate Fundraiser at Ronald McDonald House Charities UK. “With rising energy and operating costs, external fundraising is vital to continue our team’s support for parents and families. From volunteer work to corporate fundraising, we encourage the business community to reach out and get involved with our charity. Their support is needed now more than ever," he adds. 

Crane Worldwide Logistics commits to reaching new goals in its fundraising efforts. In 2023, Danny Piper, Account Manager at Crane Worldwide Logistics Heathrow, is dedicating his time to train for the TCS London Marathon in April and will run the 26-mile course representing the Ronald McDonald House Charities UK. His support will further raise awareness in the community for the vital funds needed.

"Sponsoring the room that Oscar's family stayed in at the Evelina London House is a great achievement for the team and we were delighted to return with Oscar to sponsor the room. It took great teamwork, incredible effort, and dedication to reach our fundraising goal and we succeeded," comments Jason Stretton, Regional Vice President at Crane Worldwide Logistics EMEA.

"Crane Worldwide Logistics is committed to partnerships, not only with our clients and suppliers, but also in the communities in which we operate via our Crane Cares initiatives. We are very proud of our colleague's fundraising efforts and look forward to supporting Danny in his commitment to running the London Marathon in 2023," he adds. 

Watching Oscar walk into the Evelina London House with his family to open the sponsored bedroom was a great moment for all involved. Greeted with hugs and warmth, it is evident that Evelina London House is an extraordinary place run by incredible people.

Danny’s fundraising page in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities UK for the London Marathon is now open for donations from the community: 

Charity collaboration between Crane Worldwide Logistics and Ronald McDonald House Charities UK

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About Ronald McDonald House Charities UK
•    Ronald McDonald House Charities UK was founded in 1989 and in this time has supported over 60,000 families
•    Our 13 Houses across the UK provide free ‘home away from home’ accommodation for families so they can be moments away from their child in hospital
•    Ronald McDonald House Charities UK relies on the generosity of supporters and fundraisers, including McDonald’s customers, without whom it would be unable to continue its work
•    In 2021, families lived an average of 62 miles away

For more information about Ronal McDonald House Charities UK, please visit


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