September 10, 2020

Chipolbrok nominates Crane Worldwide as General Agent in Japan

Joining forces to expand services in Asia and Worldwide. 

Crane Worldwide Logistics in Japan and Chipolbrok have announced today that they are joining forces to increase availability of services for clients between Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Middle East, Asia and the Americas. 

The new liner service from Japan to North America increases options for international transportation and door to door services between these major economies. 
With expertise in customs brokerage and trade advisory services in addition to logistics, warehousing and freight forwarding solutions, Crane Worldwide recognizes the synergies with Chipolbrok that will enable a complete offer door to door solution for its clients in the heavy lift market. 

Due to the large size of the vessel decks and lifting capacity (up to 700mt) of Chipolbrok’s fleet, the partnership will provide great benefit to the energy and renewable energy sector as well as industrial and manufacturing. 

‘We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership in Japan’, comments Richard Stinchcombe, Managing Director at Crane Worldwide Logistics Japan who is based in Tokyo. ‘We have exciting growth plans in Japan and with our head office located in Houston, I see many opportunities for our clients in this strategic partnership.’ he adds. ‘Wind projects for example, are a key focus, both on shore and the highly anticipated and newly developing offshore wind focus in Japan and we can now support this development’. 

Roman Wozniak and Zhou Jinglai, both Shipping Directors at Chipolbrok add, ‘We are delighted to have Crane Worldwide as our general agent in Japan and have every confidence that Richard and his team will support our clients with expertise in Japanese breakbulk and projects.’ 
Chipolbrok has announced fleet expansion plans and by the end of 2021, the fleet will operate twenty-three ships including four 64,000 deadweight new builds that are multipurpose vessels. 

‘We believe our cooperation with Crane Worldwide will not only improve our outbound service in Asia, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and US/Americas, but also see great opportunity in the inbound segment of bulk business,’ they add. 

Crane Worldwide Logistics continues to expand in Asia despite the recent market conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s value proposition focuses on Technology, Service and People. Client partnership and flexible supply chain solutions are a key area of focus.

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About Crane Worldwide Logistics

Crane Worldwide Logistics is a leader in supply chain solutions with 120 locations across 30 countries. With expertise in trade compliance, foreign trade zones and strategic consultative services, Crane Worldwide Logistics continues to develop creative, innovative solutions to improve clients’ supply chain outcomes. Sharing industry expertise as a client advocate, the organization develops robust collaboration in the long term, providing cost-effective and efficient operations. 

About Chipolbrok
Founded on June 15th, 1951, Chipolbrok (Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company) was the first joint venture in People’s Republic of China. With over 60 years of ocean shipping experience and consistent quality service, Chipolbrok has won a high reputation in the field of worldwide heavy lift, project and break-bulk cargo transportation. Currently, it is equipped with an international team of shipping management and quality and professional crew upholding the culture of “dedication, responsibility, innovation and cooperation” to provide segmented, professional and excellent solutions for ocean shipping of heavy lift and project cargo.


Chipolbrok nominates Crane Worldwide as General Agent in Japan

Crane Worldwide Logistics LLC日本支店とChipolbrokは、ヨーロッパ、地中海、黒海、中東、

日本から北米への新しい定期船サービスにより、これらの主要経済国間の国際輸送およびドアドアサービスの選択肢が増加します。物流、倉庫保管、貨物輸送ソリューションに加え、通関仲介、貿易サービスの専門知識を備えたCrane Worldwide Logisticsは、重量物市場のクライアントに完全なオファーのドアドアソリューションを可能にするチポブロックとの相乗効果を期待しています。

「この戦略的パートナーシップを発表できることをうれしく思います」と、東京を拠点とするCrane Worldwide Logistics LLC Japanのマネージングディレクター、リチャードスティンコムはコメントします。


ChipolbrokのシッピングディレクターであるRoman WozniakとZhou Jinglaiは次のように述べています。
「Chipolbrok艦拡張計画では、2021年末までに、艦は4 x 64K dwt mppを含む23隻の船に到達します。
Crane Worldwide Logistics LLCとの協力により、主要大陸、地中海、黒海、米国/アメリカなどの主要なライナー地域へのアウトバウンドサービスが改善されるだけでなく、在来線のインバウンド方面にも大きなチャンスがあると考えています。Crane Worldwide Logistics LLCは、COVID-19パンデミックによる最近の市場状況にもかかわらず、アジアでの拡大を続けています。それは、テクノロジー、サービス、特に人に焦点を当てた価値提案、顧客との関係性と柔軟なサプライチェーンソリューションに焦点をおいてる結果です。

中波轮船指定Crane Worldwide为日本总代理

Crane Worldwide Logistics日本分公司与中波轮船今日在东京宣布,两家公司将通力合作,携手为客户提供更有效的服务, 特别是中波班轮航线所覆盖的区域,,如欧洲、地中海、黑海、中东、亚洲和美洲地区等.


Crane Worldwide能提供优质的物流、仓储和货运代理解决方案以及专业的报关和贸易咨询服务,该公司的优势与中波轮船相结合,将为重大件市场的客户提供完整的门对门解决方案。


Crane Worldwide Logistics 日本分公司总经理Richard Stinchcombe在东京表示:“我们很高兴宣布日本的这一战略合作。结合Crane WW 总部休斯敦的优势,我们日本分公司有着令人振奋的发展计划,我认为客户在这种战略伙伴关系中机会良多。比如,风能项目可作为重点,无论是陆上风能还是在日本备受期待的新兴海上风力发电领域,我们现在都有能力为其发展提供支持。”

中波轮船股份公司航运部总经理Roman Wozniak与周菁徕补充道:“我们很高兴Crane Worldwide成为我司在日本的总代理,Richard和他的团队将运用其在日本件杂货和设备货市场的专业知识为我们的客户提供有力支持,对此我们充满信心。按照中波轮船的船队扩展计划,至2021年底,我司船队将扩充到23艘,其中包括4 艘6万4载重吨的多用途重吊船。我们相信,与Crane Worldwide的合作不仅会改善我们对欧洲,地中海,黑海和美国/美洲等主要班轮区域的出口服务,同时在回程散货市场也将带来更大的机遇。”

在新冠疫情对近期市场形势产生不利影响的情况下,Crane Worldwide Logistics的亚洲的业务持续扩张。该公司的价值主张以技术,服务和人为中心。客户合作伙伴关系和灵活的供应链解决方案是其关注的重点领域。


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