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August 1, 2020

A trusted logistics partner to our global clients 

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the world, supply chains around the world began to encounter unprecedented transportation disruption. From interrupted supply through to increased demand of essential items, even the most robust supply chains have felt the impact of the Coronavirus. From Automotive to Life Sciences, global supply chain disruption sent a wave of panic and unforeseen circumstances.

At this time, Crane Worldwide Logistics has provided partnership and support with a sense of urgency and flexibility to ensure our clients were prepared with available logistics solutions. 

Express Final Mile delivery of ventilators to Ireland's hospitals

Crane branded truckThe COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way in which many services operate as the challenge to provide medical supplies around the world becomes a focus for many responsible manufacturers and service providers. Wisetek, is a global solution provider for IT Asset Disposition, Reuse & Manufacturing Services and a valuable client & partner to Crane Worldwide in Ireland. Recently, Wisetek handled a shipment of ventilators from China and managed the complete assembly process of parts to complete the finished product in Ireland. Hospitals were in urgent need of the ventilators to support the increased number of victims of the Coronavirus.

Read the full case study here.

Shipping Medical Supplies to support the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Channels Medical Solutions is a distributor of specialized solutions in neurodiagnostic and respiratory aparatus. They also dispense electromedical products, accessories, and consumables. As the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic reached South Africa, imports of oxygen concentrators surged as the South African healthcare system required more products to support communities throughout the country. As airlines began to cancel services into Johannesburg, the client reached out to Crane Worldwide with their urgent freight request for imports from China and the United States. 

Read the full case study here

During times of crisis and rapidly evolving circumstances, partnerships throughout the supply chain are imperative to maintain an agile and visible approach to fluctuating supply and demand. Are you prepared if another pandemic or a second wave of COVID-19 strikes? As your logistics partner, Crane Worldwide Logistics can support you with diversifying your solutions through warehouse capacity and flexible transportation measures.

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