What to Look For in a Heavy Hauling 3PL

April 30, 2023

Heavy Haul Transportation

When choosing a transportation service 3PL, you are not only partnering with a company, you are giving them visibility to your brand. This is why it is so important to choose the right heavy-hauling 3PL. Collaborate with a partner that understands the nuances of the global logistics industry and specialty transportation. 

For effective transportation management, specialized tools and qualified personnel are needed for heavy hauler loads. Moving heavy freight loads weighing hundreds of tons is far more complex than transporting standard cargo. Will a removable gooseneck, double-drop, or deck trailer be necessary?

A lot of knowledge and expertise goes into moving heavy machinery, impacting all crucial industries. The heavy haul equipment transport logistics niche requires global planning, shipping, and trained logistics experts. 

Without knowledge in this area of expertise, accidents will occur. As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reported, “In 2020, 4,842 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes.[And 45,900 large trucks were involved in injury crashes.” Heavy haulers are at a much higher risk of accidents than your typical transporters without proper training. Fortunately, you can find the right partner by looking for these critical characteristics.

Top ten tips for Heavy Haul 3PL selection

Comprehensive Service Offerings

A heavy-hauling 3PL should offer logistical planning, knowledge, compliance with national and global safety standards and regulations, expertise in moving and hauling heavy loads, including pilot cars, and up-to-date, real-time technology.

Customized Heavy Haul Trailers and Solutions

Heavy hauler truck shipments are rarely identical. Every haul should be treated and planned out individually. Customizable plans and solutions are vital to meet specific client needs. Every client is unique, therefore every client needs a plan suit to fit them. A logistics partner should create the most effective approach for each shipment, even a single shipping container,  rather than using a predetermined procedure for everyone.

Expertise in Permits and Regulations

When using heavy haul trucks, all involved third-party logistics teams need to know the role of in-depth knowledge of permits and regulations in ensuring compliance. Non-compliance has serious repercussions, including but not limited to the loss of import and export permits. Knowing the laws and regulations of each origin and destination is essential. 

Safety and Security

Heavy hauling is a challenging task requiring specialized tools and a qualified driver. These components are necessary to guarantee that the heavy equipment is delivered to its location securely and safely.

Safety must always come first when hauling heavy loads and heavy hauler trucks to ensure the safety of the driver, your equipment, including a lowboy trailer, step deck, and axle trailer,  and the general public at all times. When dealing with transport loads, selecting a heavy haul transport firm knowledgeable about all safety considerations is crucial to safety and security. A proactive approach is the best way to ensure your heavy-duty truck doesn’t become a liability or problem when transporting heavy equipment. 

Advanced Technology

Using state-of-the-art tools for planning, tracking, and managing transportation projects is a game-changer in the logistics of heavy-haul equipment and oversize loads.  A heavy haul trucking service that leverages technology that allows real-time updates and statuses is a must. Look for a partner that offers the most current technology platforms for heavy hauler trucks.

Experienced Team

A company with an experienced team in heavy-haul equipment is a no-brainer. You want to choose something other than a 3PL that has never worked in this specialized field before. Inexperience equals accidents. The value of having a skilled and knowledgeable team in handling complex projects is highly encouraged for the successful transport of heavy lift cargo.

Competitive Pricing

Several factors go into the pricing of heavy hauling. Partner with a 3PL that is fully transparent in its costs. For example, no hidden fees or charges, proving all charges upfront. Each individual shipment should be priced differently, as most hauls are always different. Find a partner to create a customized, competitive price for your haul. 

Flexibility and Scalability

Businesses face more significant pressure than ever to move their goods promptly and effectively. They can provide flexibility and scalability to ensure your company has the necessary transportation capacity. The importance of being able to adapt to fluctuations in demand or changes in the project scope is an advantage that your company needs. 

Strong Global Network

The benefits of having an extensive global network of partners for specialty transportation allow you to leverage their relationships to obtain the best contracts and prices, whether shipping from Mexico or just over state lines. A partner with a strong network will be able to provide solid references to back up their successful work and what they have to offer. 

Stellar Customer Service

Excellent customer service in the heavy haul truck industry is non-negotiable. Who wants to work with a company that treats its clientele poorly? No one. When clients are satisfied with your services, they will not go out and look for someone else to work with the next time they need assistance. Effective customer service strategies help client retention and acquire new ones through referrals.
Realize the Value of These Qualities With Crane Worldwide 

Choose a 3PL by looking at the qualities and services that they offer.

Ensure that they have customizable solutions, expertise in safety, offer the best technology, have an experienced team, and provide top-of-the-line customer service. A professional logistics team understands global logistics and specialty transportation that maximizes efficiency and reduces delays, creating a more profitable business. Partner with a company that offers flexibility, scalability, state-of-the-art technology, and personalization to your specific needs.

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