Ukraine: Humanitarian Aid - Logistics Support and Guidance

April 11, 2022

Air freight Humanitarian Aid from Columbus, Ohio to Ukraine

The Slavic community in Columbus, Ohio, as in many parts of the world, was shaken by the news that Ukraine was under attack. Together the community came together to collect humanitarian aid that was requested by their families and friends in the crisis area. Amazing work was done by the community to gather and collect this much needed aid with such team spirit. 

Pallets of humanitarian aid for Ukraine in containerCollecting, donating and packing goods, everyone worked with dedication to build over 19 pallets of goods worth over $238,000 USD including medical supplies and humanitarian aid. Crane Worldwide Logistics provided assistance to support the air freight and trucking of the aid from Columbus with a sense of urgency. The shipment has now left our Amsterdam location and is heading towards the Ukraine.

Our Ukrainian colleagues in Columbus put together this video with the support of Red Fox Visuals to express their gratitude for the shipping support provided by the Crane Worldwide Logistics team.

We would also like to express our thanks to all the Crane Worldwide team involved in this shipment of aid and to Red Fox Visuals for capturing this moment in time. We are committed to raising funds for the Polish Medical Mission and supporting humanitarian aid shipments to the Ukraine that are collected by our communities.

Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine: Crane Cares

Partnerships matter. Crane Worldwide Logistics has partnered with Polska Misja Medyczna | Polish Medical Mission to raise funds for those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine.

The Polish Medical Mission is working on supporting the inhabitants of eastern Ukraine by providing medical care in the conflict zone. A well-established Polish charity, approved by our Global Compliance team, we are confident that all funds donated will reach the crisis areas as quickly as possible. 

The collected funds will be used to provide urgent medical support and purchase necessary medical supplies that will be transferred to local aid organizations in Poland and Ukraine.

If you or your organization would like to contribute to our fundraising efforts, the link to our fundraising page is available now! 

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Crane Cares: Providing logistics support to charities working in Ukraine

Since the crisis in Ukraine has begun, our logistics experts have been offering support to provide customs and logistics guidance as well as donations to local charities involved with humanitarian relief to the Ukraine. 

Three men with Crane Worldwide Logistics banner in front of truck destined for the UkraineCrane Worldwide Logistics has offered support to provide free consultations to get humanitarian aid across Europe into Poland. Many charitable organizations throughout Europe are collecting humanitarian donations to transfer to the borders of Ukraine. 

Being small and mid-sized charities (and sometimes just a man/woman with a van) logistics is not an area of expertise and our logistics teams are stepping in to provide the relevant expertise to assist with the transportation of the goods. 

By way of example, Medaid in Ireland has taken the initiative to transport goods to the areas stricken by the current crisis. Our Crane Cares team in Ireland jumped into action to provide full logistics support. They helped to ensure that the goods would be efficiently transported through customs. Thanks to their diligent efforts, the goods have arrived as quickly as possible to where it is needed the most. 

Crane Worldwide Ireland received the following notification from the partnering charity Solidarity Fund PL:

'I confirm that your aid arrived to Warsaw. We plan to send it to Lviv on Wednesday, and from Lviv it is planned that your aid will be distributed to two hospitals in Zhytomir and Chernihiv regions (both regions were being attacked and the needs are the most urgent)

Multiple charities and individuals throughout Europe are supporting the collection of humanitarian aid to support the people of Ukraine.

In order to give the best support, our European stations can be contacted to offer free guidance and logistics support. We will do all we can to enable humanitarian aid to reach the people inflicted by the current Ukraine crisis. 

If you are an individual collecting humanitarian aid items and need logistics guidance or a charitable organization needing logistics support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our teams throughout Europe.

Our contact details are available here:

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