UK Customs Update - CDS replacing CHIEF

June 30, 2022

New Customs Declaration System in the United Kingdom

Crane Worldwide will be transitioning to CDS on the 27th of July for all import shipments, ahead of the nationwide deadline of the 30th of September, what this means is our customers need to be ready also.

What is CDS?

CDS stands for Customs Declaration System and is HMRC's new customs system that is being implemented as the current customs system (CHIEF) was put in place in 1994 and is no longer capable of handling the demands required. 

What is changing for customs in the United Kingdom?

Although all that is changing is the method of communication with HMRC and not the rules of import and export, this will come with multiple changes that international traders need to prepared for.

How does the new customs system affect your imports?

In order for us to continue to utilise authorisations granted to you then you will be required to sign up for CDS and authorise us electronically.

  1. All importers with their own Duty deferment accounts must now authorise us to use these accounts via CDS. Use the below link to create your CDS account then authorise Crane Worldwide via the online instructions. This applies to the new Cash accounts also, Follow the link here to register. Within the application, you can then authorise your broker by entering their EORI number into the authority field.
  2. All importers with Special Customs Authorisations such as inward processing or CFSP, you should have received new authorisation paperwork from HMRC that includes a specific CDS authorisation number. All clients that have issued standing clearance instructions to Crane Worldwide or your broker must now send revised standing instructions to include this information. Any clients that send instructions on a shipment-by-shipment basis should also disclose the same information within their clearance instructions, which will be required on every occasion that the authority is to be used.
  3. Live access to Import and Export information. Once registered you will have live access to your deferment and cash accounts to see funds available and to top up funds if needed. You will also be able to recover C79 certs and PVA (Postponed VAT Accounting) statements direct from your government gateway CDS account.
  4. Furthermore, information that will be required to submit a customs declaration will also be changing. Although the customs rules that apply for declaring import and export goods will remain the same, further information that relate to the supply chain will be required, and more specific information will be required in certain fields. Particularly in terms of authority and documentation that are required to be coded within the declaration including import or export controls.

What about exports from the United Kingdom?

The nationwide deadline for export migration is later next year. Crane Worldwide will advise all customers closer to the date of all plans for export migration.

For further information please reach out to our team in London, UK via highlighting CDS in the subject line.  We can help with all your customs requirements in the United Kingdom.

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