UPDATE: UAW Workers On Strike: Automotive News

September 25, 2023

Deal Ratified by automakers

A 25% increase in base wages compounded with estimated cost-of-living adjustments to over $42 an hour has been tentatively agreed to. This deal will extend until April 2028

Further strikes for UAW - additional facilities impacted

An expansion of the UAW strikes was announced on Friday against two of the Big Three Automakers. Stellantis and GM distribution centers will be impacted. The distribution centers supply spare parts to GM and Stellantis dealers. The expanded strike action on the automotive after-market will now impact end consumers.

The UAW stated the following on thier website on the 23rd September: 

"Our UAW-Ford national negotiators have made important progress at the bargaining table, so for now our Stand Up Strike is not expanding against Ford. Our striking members at UAW Local 900 at the Michigan Assembly Plant are putting pressure on the company to move and they will continue holding the line."

The additional strike activity that was announced last Friday at 38 parts distribution centers will see an additional 5,600 workers walk off the premises.


"The UAW Stand Up Strike begins at all three of the Big Three."

This statement appeared on UAW's "X" account shortly after midnight highlighting three groups of workers: Wentzville Assembly, Toledo Assembly and Michigan Assembly - final assembly and paint.

As Crane Worldwide highlighted in our most recent update, strike action will be targeted action at plants throughout the country. Please click below should you require logistics assistance at this time.

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Automotive worker strike UPDATE

Work stoppages at individual automotive plants may proceed if the UAW strike action is to take place noted Reuters today. Contract negotiations between the United Auto Workers and three of the top automakers in the United States have failed to make progress this week. 

With the clock ticking, it is more than likely targeted strike action will take place as current contracts expire on September 14th at 11:59pm ET.

United States warehouse locations mapWith cargo in transit heading towards major U.S. ports and inland domestic plant locations, logistics disruption will be inevitable should the strike proceed. 

If you are looking for logistics support at this time, Crane Worldwide Logistics can provide yard and warehouse space throughout the United States with strong domestic distribution capabilitiy should your organization be impacted.

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Potential logistics disruption: UAW strike action

The United Auto Workers (UAW), is an American labor union that represents workers in the United States (including Puerto Rico) and southern Ontario, Canada. 

Labor strike action could proceed this week as contracts with three of the top automakers in the United States expire on September 14th at 11:59pm ET.

146,000 workers at the three automakers are members of the UAW. 

Contract discussions have been ongoing over wage increases, pension and inflation adjustments as well as job protection and benefits. But, no conclusive agreement has been made with the three automakers that include Stellantis, Ford and General Motors. 

Additionally, the union has raised concerns over the upcoming efforts of the automakers' heavy investment taking place to produce Electric Vehicles in North America. The union states that the move to electric vehicle manufacturing must be a 'just transition', in other words, there should be consideration for union workers transitioning into the production of EV batteries and auto parts at a fair and equal wage.

Experts are predicting that a strike will be 99% inevitable, given the current state of negotiations, although discussions are currently ongoing with employers.

Automotive Logistics disruption

Should the UAW strike proceed, which would be considered the largest strike at auto manufacturers in 25 years, there will be considerable disruption to logistics operations.

Inevitably, the receipt of freight would be the main concern, accounting for several hundred containers per day. The impact to the United States economy would be substantial if the strike is held over several days.

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