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July 26, 2022

Global Trade Compliance - podcast overview

Corporate female leaderTracey Anthony is Crane Worldwide's Chief Compliance Officer and is a strategic operational executive with extensive trade compliance management experience. She has been with Crane Worldwide Logistics for over eleven years and is a member of our leadership team. 

Tracey is Crane Worldwide's expert in global trade compliance helping Crane Worldwide Logistics and our customers meet the rules, restrictions, and protocols of international shipping including anti-corruption and antitrust. Recently, Tracey took part in our podcast series 'Coffee with Crane'.

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What does a Chief Compliance Officer do?

I help mitigate risk for the organization, being a Chief Compliance Officer is not about what I do and what I know. It is a "we". We mitigate risk for the organization. There are four pillars that we discuss when it comes to mitigating risk.

  1. Ensuring that we protect the organization,
  2. Ensuring we protect our people
  3. Ensuring we protect our clients
  4. Auditing

Policies and procedures direct how we conduct business. Training plays a vital role in our organization, it is not just training for our internal clients but is also for our agents as well.

We also have safeguards built within the applications on our systems to ensure that we have blocks within our systems to safeguard our processes. For auditing, it is our job to ensure that we ensure that we do get it right the first time and that double checks are in place, transparency is our policy. 

The biggest issue today is Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The war in Ukraine is a conflict impacting so many areas and people. This is a hot topic around the world that has impacted the global compliance landscape. 

What's the best thing about being a Chief Compliance Officer? 

It's not just about knowing the regulations, not just about those details, it is about understanding the ethical heartbeat of an organization. It is understanding its people and behaviors. Once we understand that heartbeat, it is understanding the pulse of our organization, which is our people.

It goes back to the four pillars, those pillars will determine how much success our people will have. I am the right fighter for our internal clients and external clients. It is my job to make sure that adherence is at the very top of our organization and that our company is accountable for its actions. Trust is at the core of our company. 

What makes a good Compliance Officer?

What makes a good Compliance Officer is knowing how to identify, prevent and detect non-compliance mishaps. Looking ahead and ensuring that we are always ahead of the curve in these ever-changing times. Measuring success as a compliance officer is ensuring that your peers and the organization respect and adhere to the program that you have helped to build. It is not just one person, it is the company and team as a whole who determine success. 

The best part of working for Crane Worldwide Logistics is that we care. Our goal is to do it right the first time. 

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