The Logistics of Santa

December 6, 2023

In the realm of logistics - there is only ONE who is the greatest of all time.

He goes by many names; Father Christmas, Papa Noel, Père Noël, Julemanden, Sing Daan Lou Yan, etc., and gets more P.O.s each year than you can comprehend.

Of course, we’re talking about the King of overnight deliveries, Santa Claus! But how does he do it? What does he have to do to accomplish all of those deliveries in a single spin of the globe - all by himself and eight tiny reindeer? Let’s take a closer look.

santa in warehouse
If each gift weighed 1kg, Santa has to transport over 600 million tons!
  1. It’s not just Santa Claus: While Santa is best known for all of those deliveries, he has many helpers to get the job done. Santa is also an employer of choice, so he relies on an elite team of helpers to get things done. Elves build, crate, and carry the gifts to the modality of choice — a flying sled. He also has international partners like Knecht Ruprecht from Germany, Croatia has Krampus, and Ded Moroz in Russia. Plus, let’s not forget his wife, without whom nothing would get done!
  2. Santa has mastered Air Freight: Let’s say that nearly all the world’s 2.2 billion children have behaved and will get a gift. If each family in the world averaged 3.5 children, that means Santa has to make over 600,000,000 stops!
  3. Final Mile Delivery: Speedy delivery is a must for St. Nick. So in the 22 hours Santa has to make these stops, he’s allowed only 25 million visits per hour, and that breaks down to over 400,000 stops per second!
  4. White-Glove Service: If Daidi Na Nollaig (Santa in Ireland) were using cargo trucks to ship to all 1.5 million children in Ireland, he’d need nearly 12,000 semi-trucks, each with 3,489 cu ft capacity to do so. But for the entire world, he’d need well over 400,000 trucks or over 5,000 757 planes! There’s only one Jolly Old Elf that can clear all those international customs laws!
  5. Santa’s Global Solutions: Package weight must be factored into Santa’s freight forwarding. If each gift weighed 1kg (2.2lbs), he had to transport over 600 million tons! Viejo Pascuero (Santa in Chile) and his specialists are skilled in assessing the packing, lifting, transportation, and securing all his cargo requirements.
  6. Technology Advantages: We offer our clients state-of-the-art technology like C-View to ensure superior shipping, but how does Ông già Noel (Santa in Vietnam) use technology? He has access to all the world’s tracking systems. For example, even the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) tracks his flight! And they don’t goof around at NORAD.

Another company has worldwide People, Service, and Tech standing by to get the job done. All of us here at Crane Worldwide Logistics play a key role in making sure shipments are made on time and as promised.

From all of us at Crane Worldwide Logistics, have a very Happy and Safe Season!

Happy Holidays from Crane Worldwide Logistics 2023

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