Client Advisory: Shenzhen COVID Lock Down

March 14, 2022

Shenzhen COVID update

Client Advisory: Please see below for more information: 

  • Shenzhen found 512 COVID infected cases, 75 were new on March 13 which means the situation is getting worse, so the government of Shenzhen decide to stop the unnecessary flow of people
  • 17.5 million citizen of Shenzhen should take COVID testing every 24 hours and show the record by mobile apps while they come in and out of Shenzhen. Suspension of public transportation during lockdown will last until March 20. All bus and subway systems have been shut down and businesses have been closed, except those providing essential services.  
  • Ocean CFS warehouses are closed until March 20 and NO LCL cargo transactions will take place in Shenzhen during this period. Please expect 7 days delay on SZX ocean freight operations. 
  • Ocean terminal operations are running and no impact for FCL as long as supplier’s factories keep with normal operations. 
  •  Airlines schedules and SZX air cargo terminal are operating as usual. Airlines may reduce some uplift capacity if the market volume continues to drop in the coming days.
  • All factories are suspending production. The measures from the Chinese government call for non-essential businesses in Shenzhen to halt until March 20. Please expect delays on SZX air freight operations.  


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