Logistics in Saudi Arabia - Vision 2030

November 3, 2020

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 is one of the biggest thing that is happening in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today. It is formed on three pillars. The first pillar of the Vision 2030, is to establish Saudi Arabia as the heart of the Arab Islamic world. The second pillar is the vision and the determination to become the global investment power house, the nation holds the strongest investment capabilities which will be harnessed to stimulate the economy and diversify revenues. The third pillar is the strategy to place Saudi Arabia as a global hub connecting three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa. The geographical position between key global waterways, positions Saudi Arabia as an epicentre of trade and a gateway to the world.

What are the strategic objectives at the heart of this program?

Map of Saudi ArabiaThe Kingdom has a strong foundation to build upon a society that enjoys the good qualities of life, healthy lifestyle and the attractive living environment. The thriving Saudi economy is a long term focus based on a strong education system to develop the skills and competencies of the children of Saudi Arabia. The focus is to build upon the culture that rewards determination, providing opportunities for all, with the goal of diversifying the economy. Oil and Gas is the essential foundation of the Saudi Arabian economy, the Kingdom has started expanding their investment into additional sectors which is vital for sustainability. The Saudi Arabian economy over the past 25 years has grown by an annual average rate of over four percent. 

What is the Vision Realisation Program in Saudi Arabia (VRP)?

The VRP is an objective that focuses on many aspects. Today, a vibrant society is the foundation, establishing the education system, building fundamental characters and establish empowering health and social care systems. In addition, the objective of social contribution and the large impact of non-profit sectors, empowering and supporting the non-profit sector to make a deeper impact in the Kingdom.  

How is the Vision Realisation Program measured? 

It is based on macro-economic indicators, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the private sector employment, contribution to the local economy, trade balance, governmentn revenue and non-government investment. It is also measured by targets, key performance indicators associated with the impact of the program. Strategic planning takes place on a five year cycle adjusted accordingly annually and quarterly. 

Crane Worldwide Logistics in Saudi Arabia

Crane Worldwide Logistics Saudi Arabia LLC is a 100% foreign owned entity under the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA). Located in Al Khobar, close to Dammam and the King Fahd Causeway, since January 2018. 

The Crane Worldwide team in Saudi Arabia work in partnership with our clients offering tailor-made logistics solutions including International Air freight, Ocean freight, warehouse and contract logistics. Our expertise in project cargo is available to support your OOG shipments. 

As part of the Vision 2030, there has been significant investment into the infrastructure to support 3PL organizations in the Kingdom and we are seeing significant growth in demand for 3PL services. With logistics experts in Al Khobar, Crane Worldwide Logistics can provide logistics services to you locally in KSA supported by our global network of offices for international transportation requirements.

Whether by land, sea or air, business in Saudi Arabia enjoys the transport connectivity to emerging markets and marine routes across continents. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch. 

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