Railway China to Europe: Overview of Middle Corridor Service

April 13, 2022

Rail Freight Service - Alternative routings 

Given the current crisis in Ukraine and sanctions imposed upon Russia, alternative routing for rail freight can be used via the middle corridor.

This service does not transit through Russia.

With the lockdown in Shanghai, air and ocean freight capacity are expected to be severely impacted, this will also impact the cost for these services.

Rail freight via the Middle Corridor could be an alternative solution for your freight at this time. 

Transit time from China to Europe is approximately 40 days and is available on a weekly basis.

Routings: China Rail Map

Xi'an, Khorgos, Altynkol, Aktau, Baku, Poti, Constanta

Terminals in Europe include: Mala/Hamburg/Duisburg/Manheim/Ceska Trebova/Budapest/Krems/Dunajska Streda. There are also additional rail connections to Paris, Milano, Lyon, Liege, Madrid. 

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map of rail freight via turkeyMap from Xian to Europe rail freight

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