Prepare your freight and cargo for shipping: More about Monsoon Season in India & subcontinent

June 23, 2021

Monsoon season in South Asia typically occurs between June to September leading to heavy rainfall. 

Monsoons typically occur in tropical areas and various atmospheric conditions influence the monsoon winds. When the summer monsoon season begins, South Asia can experience extreme rainfall that can lead to flooding in countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The monsoon doesn't appear overnight, in fact it builds up over several days of pre-monsoon showers. Then, an intense period of rainfall and storms. The pattern of the rainfall then steadies and lasts for a couple of hours each day. The rain is unpredictable and sunshine can immediately turn into a heavy downpour. The volume of water from the downpour can also increase the risk of flooding.

Heavy monsoons can create difficulties at both airport and ports. In 2017, the heavy rainfall halted port operations in Mumbai as reported by Lloydsloadinglist. During this time, it is important for shippers to correctly pack their cargo to safeguard against their shipments getting wet and damaged, risk prevention is key to keeping freight moving.

Handling agents will often avoid accepting shipments that are incorrectly packed due to the risk of water damage due to the monsoon systems. Avoid transportation delays and be aware of protection advice for your freight shipments.

How can I protect my cargo? 

India on globeDuring the rainy season, airlines suggest a number of methods that you can use to protect your cargo from damage from the heavy rainfall: 

  • All cargo and freight should be securely packaged, shrink-wrapped is preferable, to avoid damage to the consignment from the heavy rain. 
  • Good quality packing materials should be used at all times to protect your cargo.
  • Labeling should be clear on both sides of the inside of the packages to ensure the visibility of key information. 

Important to note that increased traffic and port congestion are frequent problems during monsoon season, to ensure timely shipments this is important to bear in mind. 

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