Logistics in Italy - Podcast Overview

January 14, 2022

Logistics In Italy - Podcast Overview

Crispin White is Crane Worldwide Logistics' Managing Director in Italy, based in Milan. Crispin brings a wealth of knowledge to our business in Italy and has worked in the logistics industry in Italy for over 25 years. 

Crispin recently took part in our 'Coffee with Crane' podcast series sharing the latest information on Crane Worldwide Logistics in Italy. Located in Milan, Padova and Genova, he highlights the plans for further growth in Italy in 2022. 

You can listen in to the full podcast via Spotify, Google Podcast, or Apple Podcast or listen in to the video below.

How has Crane Worldwide Logistics in Italy been impacted by the COVID pandemic? 

I actually joined Crane Worldwide Logistics in the midst of the pandemic and if you remember Italy was one of the first countries in Europe to be impacted by the pandemic and a number of lockdowns. It was a tough period for the team, logistics in Italy was severely disrupted as it was elsewhere in the world, and they really did their best with the transition to working from home. They showed tremendous resilience keeping the operations flowing for our clients. People make the difference and their determination to keep on top of the challenging circumstances was very impressive. 

How are you planning on growing the footprint of Crane Worldwide Logistics in Italy?

Firstly, we are adding additional skilled logistics experts to our sales team in Italy, from experience we have found that once a client gets involved with our Italian logistics experts at Crane Worldwide, strong relationships are created in the long term. In Italy, we have industry specialists in project logistics and that will continue to expand. Currently we are based in Milan, Genova and Padova in the Veneto region and our plans are to expand into the rest of Italy with our own offices for example Rome and further south. We will contine to focus on our core business of air freight and ocean freight initially. 

As we continue to grow in Italy, what would you say is different about Crane Worldwide in Italy? 

Ocean container shipIn my opinion, you can feel that the company is young, enthusiastic and modern. There is a strong sales focus with very solid operational teams, service is paramount to our clients and our operations teams go above and beyond to deliver, it is a must.

Each of the services we offer air freight, ocean freight, rail freight and our strong project logistics service needs expertise to deliver solutions for our clients. 

Our client focus is very proactive, we are always in communication with our clients in Italy and worldwide with up to date information from our technology systems and ongoing dialogue to enhance the supply chain solutions we can provide. We offer multiple services, not just standard air freight and ocean freight, but we will always look for alternative logistics solutions, particularly in such a challenging market, such as rail freight from China to Europe as an example. 

Finally, I would say that people make a difference in the logistics services we provide, it is an enjoyable place to work and our colleagues have a lot of respect for one another, this is evident to our clients. Teamwork will always be the best way forward. 

Want to learn more about our logistics operations in Italy? Check out our country pages here

Listen in to the full podcast about Crane Worldwide Logistics in Italy below... 


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