Top 5 logistics lessons in 2020 – A Time for Reflection

December 30, 2020

Top 5 logistics lessons in 2020 – A Time for Reflection 

1.   Market Information

Throughout 2020, information came to us from every angle as the news of the COVID-19 outbreak infiltrated our televisions, newspapers, and online media. The news was full of Coronavirus statistic updates, border closures and lockdown announcements as countries began to react to the pandemic. In a period of intense market volatility, accurate and timely supply chain information became the lifeblood to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. 

With both demand and supply in flux, through unexpected circumstances such as panic buying and factory closures, information was vital to understanding the impact on worldwide operations.

Launching our COVID-19 information platform, Crane Worldwide responded urgently to our client’s needs providing product updates, airline information, port status, and ocean freight information as soon as it became available, keeping the information flow accurate and timely.

2.    People Matter

Essential workers have been recognized internationally for their work to keep supply chains moving. Working in a socially distanced environment, the ‘new’ way of working presented many challenges. 

The ability to adapt to a new safe environment in a warehouse or office and staying safe driving and loading/unloading trucks was vital work to keep the freight moving. Critical PPE, medical equipment as well as urgent components were transported all over the world to keep our client’s operations running as smoothly as possible. 

Words can’t express our gratitude to the Crane Worldwide team around the world. The adjustment to working from home, essential workers managing operations in the warehouses and drivers moving goods, together, our service and teamwork proved just how crucial our people are to our clients. We gratefully received recognition from many clients and an award for our essential workers in Ireland. We appreciate you!

3.    Data Visibility

As country borders closed, airlines canceled passenger flights and capacity became crucial to keep the global business operational. Our online visibility tool, C-View, played its part in providing our clients with a real-time platform for data visibility.

Accurate shipment data with track and trace ensured the right decisions were being made to respond to the challenging freight market that we experienced in 2020. 

From pickup to delivery, C-View, our logistics portal, offers end-to-end supply chain visibility. 

4.    Agility and Flexibility in solutions

In 2020, responsive, agile, and flexible logistics solutions were needed throughout the world to adapt to the ever-changing market landscape. 

From urgent charter flights to final mile deliveries, speed was needed to keep manufacturing plants operational, medical equipment in hospitals, and people equipped with the correct PPE to stay safe during the pandemic. 

Working in partnership with our clients, sharing information and operational possibilities, our case studies and references prove that when a global logistics partner is needed, Crane Worldwide steps up to the challenge and delivers results. We even launched our own PPE supplies to support, still available for purchase via our e-commerce site.

5.    Give Back

In unprecedented times, people make a difference in our communities. Crane Cares and we believe it is our corporate responsibility to support the communities in which we operate. 

Throughout our global network of offices, our people demonstrated the power of giving back, in Houston for example, our partnership with the Astros Foundation enabled critical PPE such as face masks and shields, goggles and thermometers to be shared with the local community.

Fundraising, donations, and essential deliveries were all part of our Crane Cares program.

As 2021 approaches, we will continue to provide value to our clients with technology, service, and people. We look forward to working with you and help you achieve your 2021 goals.


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