Hong Kong Air Export Screening Implementation

March 3, 2021

Important updates on stricter Hong Kong screening requirements

From March 1st, 2021, all air cargo consignors in Hong Kong will need to be a validated known consignor, or 100% of their cargo will be subject to screening before being loaded on an aircraft.

  • There will now be 100% screening for both passenger and cargo flights effective as of March 1, 2021.
  • Please ensure that you are aware of any shipments exiting Hong Kong.
  • The screening fees are as follows: Charge item = X-ray screening fee: HKD 0.80 per kg.
  • Please speak to your local sales professional and let them know that they must add this to any quotes.

Hong Kong screen requirements

Additional notes

  • With effect from the commencement of Phase 1, RAs shall not recognize new account consignors (ACs) by using Account Consignor Declaration of Compliance (ACDoC).
  • From Phase 1 to Phase 3, RAs can still recognize new known consignors (KCs) and renew the status of existing KCs / ACs by using Known Consignor Declaration of Compliance (KCDoC) and ACDoC, but cargoes consigned by these consignors have to be subjected to the increased screening percentage required for the corresponding phase.
  • All KCDoCs and ACDoCs recognized by RAs, regardless of the expiry date of the forms, shall cease with effect from the commencement of Phase 4 (i.e. Mar 2021) and will not be recognized by CAD.
  • Throughout the whole transitional period, RAs are required to provide information to CAD on a monthly basis regarding the percentage of cargo screened. For example, an RA is required to submit information of CAD in early to mid-Feb 2020 to indicate the percentage of known cargoes (by weight) screened during the month of Jan 2020.
  • Between Jan 2020 and Apr 2020, attainment of target percentage is calculated based on average over the whole period (i.e. 4 months).
  • Between May 2020 & Feb 2021, attainment of target percentage is calculated on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Between Mar 2021 & Jun 2021, attainment of target percentage is calculated on a monthly basis.

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