The Safety and Planning Challenges of Heavy Lifting and Transport

March 31, 2023

Heavy Lift Transportation

Heavy lifting and transport require specific equipment and trained personnel for successful transportation management. It is not simply the task of moving heavy items by hand but a much more extensive task of moving machinery weighing dozens or hundreds of tons. But unlike the risk of moving an item with improper body posture, there is a higher risk of catastrophic injury.

According to Supply Chain Management Review, the “loading dock [is] roughly [where] 25% of all warehouse injuries take place.” But, these injuries are 100% preventable, provided the company takes the necessary precautions and plans the lift correctly. That includes having the equipment and training needed to prevent accidents and injuries. It is also essential to have safety and planning protocols in place when maneuvering any heavy-lift items. A 3PL incorporates complicated heavy-lift planning and execution. These heavy-lift and transport companies are crucial to reducing risk, but even still, it is essential to understand a few things about such needs.

Challenges in Heavy Lifting and Transport

Rather than simply “winging” it, shippers need to work with expert heavy-lift transport companies for:

  • Reducing the Risk of Injury to Personnel and Damage to Property - When dealing with heavy machinery and other heavy cargo, the risk of injury to workers and damage to property skyrockets. Ensure a team instills and follows a thorough safety plan. 
  • Complexities of Logistics Planning - Typically, this type of cargo requires an individualized plan, shipment tracking, and trained logistical planning experts. 
  • Compliance with Safety Regulations - Follow all federal and state laws and safety regulations when performing heavy lifting and transport. The Occupational and Safety Health Administration reported that “workers engaged in the loading or unloading suspension-type highway trailers may be at an increased risk of injury.” Ensure that all equipment is in good working condition without damage. 
  • Heavy Equipment Requirements - Know all weight and size limits and restrictions. Each state has different legalities, and the operators must be familiar with each area where they work.
  • Limited Availability of Specialized Transport Providers - Because heavy machinery and equipment differ from the everyday cargo companies handle, specialized personnel are limited. Find a reputable 3PL with heavy-lift cargo experience. 

How to Streamline Heavy Lifting and Transport Challenges

Navigating heavy-lift freight is a difficult task. Below are a few points to focus on when planning any heavy-load transportation:

  • Pre-Planning and Route Assessment - Preparation is critical. Pre-planning and knowing the route will help with efficiency, reduce overall costs, and provide a clear layout for all involved personnel.  
  • Detailed Safety Protocols and Procedures - Create and implement a safety plan, which must be stressed and shared more than anything else.
  • Collaboration With Additional Heavy-Lift Transport Companies and Vendors - Collaborating with other professionals in these industries allows for more heads in the game, meaning less room for errors and accidents. 
  • Knowing What Is Happening - Always be in the loop of happenings in and around the workspace. Stay up to date with the technology that allows real-time updates and statuses. 

Of course, the simplest option is to let an expert in such moves handle everything, and that is precisely what a 3PL does.

Benefits of Working with a 3PL for Heavy-Lift Transport Needs

Yes, a 3PL will know how to approach each heavy lift, but their benefits are much more extensive. Working with a 3PL that truly gets heavy lifts will provide the following:

Access to a Network of Specialized Carriers and Vendors - Working with a reputable 3PL allows a heavy-lifting company to access an array of clientele and highly trained professionals that they would only have had access to with the connection.
Efficient Logistics Planning and Execution - A 3PL integrates business operations, knowledge, practices, and technologies into your business to ensure a solid execution.
Reduced Risk of Accidents and Damages - 3PLs are heavily trained in all safety practices. 

Create a More Efficient, Safe, and Well-Planned Approach to Heavy Lifting and Transport With Crane Worldwide.

Safety and planning should be the number one priority for air, ocean, ground, and rail freight, and it must never take a backseat to costs. It is an on-site, formulated, well-planned, and down-to-the-wire process. Collaborating with an experienced and reputable 3PL for heavy-lift transport needs will meet these needs while providing flexibility through different shipping options, such as going above deck versus below deck and stabilizing cargo accordingly. Request a quote from Crane Worldwide for your next heavy lift.

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