Freight tales for Halloween

October 8, 2023

Halloween freight tales - Just for fun!

10s of billions of dollars are spent on Halloween every year and is second only to Christmas in money generated by a holiday. So just for fun, here are some freight tales to keep your spirits up!

Ghost Container Ships

The tales of the Flying Dutchman are well-known throughout the world. In our modern times, even container ships have claimed the title of “Ghost Ship!” Myanmar’s Sam Ratulangi container ship was lost at sea for over 9 years! The crew vanished — and while there have been no reported sightings of ghosts on it — people claim to feel uneasy while on board. 

Europe’s Haunted Highways

Europe lays claim to haunting tales that reach back for thousands of years. Today, the most haunted highway in Europe and throughout the world is none other than the A3 in Croatia. It is here where over 50 known drivers have perished, including celebrities. 

Scary Spirit Shipments

Spirit Halloween is one of the world’s largest Halloween stores. Most of the animatronics, masks and costumes meant to be shipped this year are being held up by the horrifying state of logistics around the globe. 

Disappearing & Haunted Aircraft

There are well over 100 missing aircraft that have vanished since the 1800s. Hot Air Balloons, Cargo Planes, A Zeppelin, Passenger Jets — simply vanish with their crews and cargo unaccounted for. Did they slip the surly bonds of this mortal coil or pass through into another time or dimension? We simply just don’t know! 

Nationwide Nightmares

Nearly 100 countries worldwide celebrate Halloween! Some of these countries that participate in this chilling season include: Dubai, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Ireland, America, Canada, and Spain.

Jack-O-Lantern Jackpot

Pumpkins! These glorious gourds are actually fruits — not vegetables! China, India, and Ukraine produce and ship the most pumpkins in the world. Before people used pumpkins to carve Jack-o-lanterns, they used turnips!

Creepy Creatures Continue to Congregate

We know that cargo washes up on shore from time to time. But the most disturbing things to have washed up on beaches may include: a conjoined dolphin in Turkey, A robot hand in New York, 21 human feet in Canada, and the body of an extraterrestrial alien! 

Goblin up the Goodies

40% of Halloween spending is during the 1st week of October. 35% is during the last week of September. And who is “Goblin” up all of the treats first? It’s no surprise that America spends just over 10 billion on this spectacularly spooky holiday. Most will spend over $100 on creepy decorations alone!

Cursed Cruise Ships

A cruise should be a time to relax and recuperate. Tell that to the 150 restless spirits on the RMS Queen Mary! Believe it or not — some people WANT to take haunted cruises. The Norwegian Dawn cruise ship hosts a spooky-themes sailing through the Bermuda Triangle, and is reportedly haunted by a few people who have died onboard.

America’s Haunted Highways

Truckers have thousands of ghost stories from their many years on the roads. While many roads claim to be haunted by hitchhikers and creatures, the most haunted trail in the U.S. is Route 2A in Maine. It is here where many drivers now haunt the harrowing hairpin turn that has claimed the lives of many.

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