European Warehousing: Netherlands Focus

May 16, 2023

Why choose a 3PL warehouse in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has become popular as a hub for pan-European logistics and product distribution. Over 1,000 American and Chinese companies have chosen the Netherlands as their logistics hub...

The Reason? Cost Effectiveness and Time To Market 

The Netherlands is the most affordable transit hub in the heart of Europe due to its strategic location. Favorable trade policies allow importers to avoid paying value-added tax upon import, improving cashflow. Located in the heart of Europe, pan-European distribution can be conducted with ease.

Distribute faster for less.

When it comes to distribution centers and transportation, cost savings are a big reason to establish a foothold in the Netherlands especially in a market that is seeing year over year rate increases for warehousing. Creating a valuable pan-European logistics hub in Holland can reduce your products time to market. The impressive port infrastructure in the Netherlands includes the number one container port in Europe, located in Rotterdam which supports Dutch logistics infrastructure.

The Netherlands also hosts one of the biggest cargo airports in Europe, located in Schiphol, Amsterdam, a gateway to Europe. Schiphol processed 1.44 million metric tons of cargo in 2022 according to Routes Online.

With a distribution center in the Netherlands, the distribution reach is impressive. A company can deliver to 244 million people within 1,000 kilometers. This makes it ideal for final-mile delivery.

The Netherlands imports four times more in value per capita than the other two top western European countries (Germany and the United Kingdom). Regular road freight from the Netherlands can travel in just one day to Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

VAT deferment and bonded warehousing

The Netherlands has a value-added tax deferment system based on Article 23 of the Dutch tax regulations. This system allows businesses to defer paying VAT on imports until they file their value-added tax return. This makes the warehousing solution with logistics companies a cost-efficient method for storage and subsequent distribution.

Having a 3PL bonded warehouse in the Netherlands can provide significant cost savings, you can learn more about the advantages of bonded warehouses here

The Netherlands has made valuable infrastructure improvements, partially due to warehouse demand during the COVID pandemic. Significantly, since Brexit many companies have transferred their inventories to a central European warehouse. The rise of E-commerce has increased demand for warehousing solutions in the Netherlands and the trend continues to grow. 

The Netherlands is a great option for businesses aiming to enhance the productivity of their supply chain in Europe. This reduces reliance on one-nation solutions and allows access to the whole of Europe, including the benefits of cross border transportation within the European Union. The Netherlands' enormous port network, first-rate transportation system, and skilled labor force serve to further enhance this.

Exploring the advantages of engaging a third-party logistics provider in the Netherlands.

There are multiple benefits for companies expanding in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

Engaging a 3PL logistics provider can support entry into the European market as well as develop existing opportunities.

  • Supply chain design
  • International freight forwarding
  • Customs clearance
  • Storage
  • Final-mile delivery
  • Value-Added Services
  • Integrated logistics

These are contributing factors to why warehousing in the Netherlands has become increasingly popular.

Warehousing in the Netherlands for Crane Worldwide Logistics

Crane Worldwide Logistics provides a critical access point for global shipping services. The company has invested in modern bonded warehouse facilities near Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and also in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam warehouse facilities are expanding in Schiphol Logistics Park with continued investment. They provide extra storage space and value-added services for postponement activities.

Additionally, with warehouse facilities in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Tilburg (featured below). contract logistics operations in the Netherlands are growing rapidly at Crane Worldwide Logistics. The company is willing to invest where our clients need us to be.

Warehouse in the Netherlands

The Future of the Netherlands as a Transportation Hub

With investment in infrastructure, road transportation, and warehousing, the Netherlands is fast becoming a powerhouse for logistics in Europe. Companies are looking for ways to make their logistics operations more environmentally friendly. The Netherlands is focusing on increasing sustainability in transportation.

One option that is becoming increasingly popular is transportation by barge. The Netherlands has a well-developed inland waterway infrastructure. Barge transportation is available for cargo from Rotterdam port and Antwerp in Belgium.

Wartsila, for example, has announced plans to develop autonomous intra-port and inter-terminal container barges in the port of Rotterdam. This barge will feature electric propulsion. Electric motors and a mechanism for swappable battery containers will be used to push it. The battery will be charged with renewable power. more info here

Benefits of barge transportation include:

  • Transport important resources
  • Contribute to the economy
  • Reduce congestion
  • Cost efficiency
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Safety

The water transportation industry in the Netherlands is well developed and investment in this area is ongoing.

If you would like to learn more about your options for warehousing in the Netherlands, don't hesitate to reach out to a member of the team here

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