Energy Transport Logistics Strategies to Boost Production

March 24, 2023

Energy Transport & Logistics

Global supply chain disruptions will continue to impact energy logistics. But energy logistics isn’t only about the transportation of propane, oil, and gas. It’s about where and how those facilities operate. Risks exist where the complexities of remote or ocean transit impact the energy transport logistics infrastructure. 

There are many challenges in the energy producers’ supply chains. The global seamless pipe and tube market will see a 5.5% CAGR through 2026, according to data shared by BusinessWire. Such growth means today’s energy suppliers need a robust, three-pronged strategy for 2023 and beyond. Here are the top three parts of the unique energy transport solutions behind these upstream processes.

Managing the Goods Behind Energy Transportation Logistics

How do oil and gas products make it to the market? That question may sound silly. But first, it’s imperative to ask a few other questions about the logistics behind energy production:

  • How do these facilities restock?
  • How do they maintain value?
  • What happens when something goes wrong?
  • How do the individual wells and distribution centers handle maintenance?

These questions surround the true operations in energy production. They hint at energy transportation logistics. Without these goods, whole oil fields, wells and refineries could be at risk. Such risks include:

  • High-volume OCTG goods.
  • Heavy and breakbulk cargo.
  • Limited supply hubs.
  • Inability to optimize routes.
  • Poor traceability.
  • Carrier endorsements.
  • Handling transloads.

The list of risks is endless but manageable. Still, that means digging deeper into the need for visibility throughout the sector.

Extensive Visibility Into All Operations

The heightened demand for transparency within the energy transport and manufacturing industries will only increase. More visibility is crucial to understanding producers’:

  • Supply needs. 
  • Labor schedules.
  • Runtime plans.
  • Handling of specialized cargo. 
  • Reaching remote delivery sites. 
  • Dedicated project logistics services.
  • Strategic supply hubs managed by Crane Worldwide.

Each process will benefit from more shipment tracking and planning. That’s true whether moving goods through the United States or abroad. Energy facilities can also lead to other manufacturers, such as liquid fertilizers or refined fuels. Even these facilities will need care and centralized visibility from their energy supply chains. Further, successful use cases of visibility into operations will also benefit sustainability and compliance.

Maintaining Compliance and Sustainability

Collaboration with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) and applying their tech stack is a great way to boost visibility. Ergo, such partnerships can increase sustainability initiatives too. 3PLs tend to have more data on emissions in their networks. In turn, they can reduce your carbon footprint, boosting tracking and reporting. 
Together, this reduces overall risk and costs. Consider the impact of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act:

  • It mandates emissions tracking and reporting. 
  • It stipulates specific financial penalties for failure to comply. 
  • It can halt operations in or through Germany.

It’s also a precursor to future EU legislation. Thus, now is the time to improve your compliance and sustainability. Crane Worldwide can help achieve those goals. 

Put These Energy Transport Strategies to Work by Partnering With Crane Worldwide Logistics.

Energy companies need a logistics partner in their corner. But not every partner is the same. They need one that gets the value of optimization in management, transparency in all operations, and compliance combined with sustainability. Crane Worldwide is your go-to 3PL for energy transport solutions for the upstream supply chain.

Crane Worldwide has the expertise and resources to optimize energy supply chain operations. Our strategic partnerships and robust tech stack will also reduce costs and risks. Take the first step toward that future. Get a quote from Crane Worldwide Logistics for your upstream energy supply chain needs today. 

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