Cruise Logistics - New warehouse in Miami to support the global operations of the Cruise Line Industry post-COVID

July 31, 2021

Is the world ready to cruise again? Supply Chain planning will make a difference.  

Cruise Ship Industry Update. What is the Cruise Industry COVID-19 impact? What logistics services are in place to support the cruise industry to get back to the open seas?

2020 proved to be a challenging year for the cruise industry around the world with many setbacks that prevented the cruise ships from sailing the high seas. Much media attention surrounded the issue of COVID-19 cases testing positive onboard vessels at sea and the industry shut down with many cruise ships at ports awaiting their next voyage due to concerns for the health and safety of passengers.

With broader COVID-19 testing capabilities, including rapid tests now widely available on the market, as well as positive reports that the COVID vaccines are making an impact across the world to diminish the severity of the pandemic, is it now time for the cruise line industry to set sail?  

Are cruise ship supply chains ready for a kickstart to commence safe operations? Consumer demand for vacations is expected to increase, recovering from a 2020 that in some places had a stay at home order. Will the cruise industry be ready for passengers later this year? Keeping crew and passengers safe is a priority at this time yet the economic impact on the cruise industry is undeniable. 

Cruise Vaccination Passports 

As the COVID-19 vaccination rollout continues, many cruise lines have announced vaccination requirements for future passengers in line with many operators in the travel industry. Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean have been the latest to announce that a COVID-19 vaccine will be necessary for future guests. They join Crystal cruises, Virgin voyages, American Steamboat and Victory Cruise lines, according to Conde Nast Traveler. The new normal for cruising begins with safety of passengers as a priority and international cruise lines around the world are working with health authorities to plan ahead for disease control and prevention.

Framework for Conditional Sailing Order 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control issued a Framework for Conditional Sailing Order in November, providing requirements for resuming Cruise ship operations in U.S. ports and it is expected that the majority of the cruise lines won't start their cruise schedules until late spring further to the suspension of cruise operations. Operational readiness will be key to success to build consumer confidence in taking cruise vacations. As the world begins to open up from the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time to start cruise operational planning and forecasting, if it isn’t underway already. 

Is your Cruise Ship Supply Chain ready?  

Miami warehouse Crane Worldwide LogisticsIt’s an exciting time after a difficult year for the cruise industry, for passengers and crew, particularly in Miami, which is undisputedly the Cruise capital of the world. Many cruise companies in the United States based in Miami are awaiting the green light to set sail in the long term. Global connections via Miami International Airport (MIA), connected directly to Miami port via tunnel access, enables the city to be a key hub for cruise transportation to the Caribbean Islands, Mexico and beyond. In fact, Miami is now ranked as the third in the US for international passengers. 

Supply chain planning for a successful relaunch in cruise operations later this year will be key to success and Crane Worldwide Logistics is ready to support the cruise line operations and cruise ship logistics for a safe and timely come back and a successful future in the ‘new normal’ environment.  

In Miami, Crane Worldwide Logistics has invested in a state-of-the-art warehouse that now supports its global freight forwarding connectivity.  Learn more...

The new Miami bonded warehouse is strategically located with access to US 27, Florida’s Turnpike, SR 826 and I-75 via NW 138th Street, in Northwest Miami-Dade County. Stretching at over 120,000 sq.ft. With its secured yard and high security, operations such pick, pack, kitting and fulfilment are all available as well as vendor management offering end to end visibility with our state of the art Purchase order management system Pinpoint.

As a reknowned cruise destination, Miami offers cruise passengers a top notch hospitality industry with an array of activities such as theme parks, sporting activities, entertainment and beaches. With the Miami warehouse in position and a global network of offices to support international freight needs, we can support both local and international cruise lines and cruise ship supply companies get back to market safely and with full operational effectiveness.  

If you want to learn more about the logistics partnership opportunities we can provide to support your cruise operations in Miami and around the world, get in touch and speak to our Cruise logistics experts at Crane Worldwide.  

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Interested in learning more about the current state of Cruise Logistics? Read the latest article featuring Maxine Krajniak, Vice President Cruise, Marine and Hospitality in the Loadstar here

July 6th, 2020

Cruise, Marine and Hospitality Logistics - The COVID-19 Pandemic

Maxine Krajniak leader of the cruise logistics industry at Crane Worldwide Logistics Maxine Krajniak recently joined Crane Worldwide Logistics to lead the industry vertical focusing on our logistics experience in the global cruise, marine and hospitality industries.

With over thirty years of experience in the logistics industry, Maxine recently took part in our 'Coffee with Crane' podcast series sharing her insight and experience with cruise lines iand the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is an exert from the podcast interview. 

What is the global economic impact of COVID-19 on the cruise industry?

The cruising industry touches almost every sector from transportation and agriculture to hospitality and tourism. The cruise industry generates over $150 billion per year to the global economy creating 1.2 million jobs around the world.

Passengers spend lots of money in cities prior to embarking on the cruise ship as well as landside excursions in major cities Barcelona, Rome, Key West just to name a few. All of the taxi drivers, bars, small restaurants are impacted in any change of circumstances for the cruise ships. The hospitality industry as a whole has been impacted by the pandemic. 

What can provide some stability to the cruise and hospitality industry?

Crane Worldwide is ready and available to provide global transportation and warehouse services to the cruise industry, alongside additional service offerings from our sister companies DAVACO and Crane Safety. We are well-positioned to assist with sanitization services, providing PPE not only for the workforce but also for hospitality gifts as well as provide protective measures such as safety screens to ensure the safety of passengers. 

In the current environment, the push demand can change to a pull demand very quickly. Having an agile supply chain is critical to the success of the cruise industry going forward. Cruise lines are already preparing for potential scenarios of further outbreaks and it is vital to have safety at the top of the agenda, for example having PPE available at each port in each region as well as quarantine measures available on ships in the case of a further outbreak.

At Crane Worldwide, we are exploring options with the cruise lines to ensure logistics support is available in key locations. Further examples available of support available here.

What does the recovery of the cruise lines look like? When will people feel safe to go on Cruise ships again? 

Social distancing sign on cruise shipsThe question on everyone's mind in the cruise industry is confidence. Not only the cruise line passengers and consumers but also the government authorities. The Cruise lines are exploring every eventuality in order to be prepared for example new positions have been employed such as public safety officers on board the vessels.

There is a lot of focus on social distancing in communal areas on the cruise ships. There is also potential scenarios such as an outbreak of the Coronavirus whilst at sea and these are the questions that must be addressed for confidence in the industry to return. Incredible efforts are being made by the cruise industry to ensure that a safe environment is in place. 

With regards to the future landscape of the cruise lines, I personally feel that we are going to see shorter itineraries within the region as well as the prolonged launch of cruises focused at the older generations given they are susceptible to COVID-19. I believe the Millenials will save the cruise industry as are fearless and enjoy the long weekend and party boat scenarios. 

The economic impact on the cruise industry has been significant, we are here to help with the cruise industry recovery! If you are interested in learning more about the cruise line supply chain support available from the cruise logistics team at Crane Worldwide, please reach out with your inquiry. Let's make your cruise supply chain a competitive advantage. Listen in to the full podcast:


Or watch the full video:

Crane Worldwide will be present at the upcoming Cruise Ship Hospitality Expo America (CSH), taking place on 28 – 29 October 2021. at the Miami Beach Convention Center. We look forward to seeing you there!

At Crane Worldwide Logistics, we provide customized supply chain solutions that support your cruise fleet needs. Our team of cruise logistics experts will assist and service all areas of the supply chain, from vendors and suppliers to concessionaires.

By delivering the best in class advisory, transportation, warehousing, and technology, we will make sure to add value and visibility from source to ship. Our dedicated cruise logistics professionals around the world will strive to serve cruise vessels in ports, including dry-dock and new builds in a timely and cost-effective way to keep cruise lines running as planned. We want to help you get your cruise ships back into the water and look forward to supporting your warehouse needs / storage requirements, supply and distribution of all the necessities that cruise lines require to continue to delight their passengers post COVID-19. Reach out!

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