12 Astonishing Automotive Logistics Facts

July 27, 2021

Automotive Logistics Facts That Will Astonish You

The Automotive Logistics team here at Crane Worldwide Logistics has international experience. They can create and manage complex supply chain solutions, from auto parts to finished vehicle logistics (FVL). All of this to help ensure our client's operations are leaner, faster, and more cost-effective. Here are some astonishing fun facts about automobiles.

What's In The Name? 

The word “car” comes from the Latin name for a 2-wheeled Celtic War chariot called a “Carrum.”

Railcar Cars Hauling Cars train on tracks

An “autorack” is a specialized train car designed to transport automobiles from the manufacturers to dealerships. They first appeared in 1923, were made of wood, and featured a double-decker design.

Car Bar Codes? 

Tracking cars on the railroads proved difficult for a long time. It wasn’t until 1951 that bar codes were invented and applied to cars to track them along rail lines better.

Wheels up! 

Just as flying is safer than driving for people, transporting automobiles through the air is also the safest method. However, while air transport may be safer, believe it or not, due to laws, duties, taxes, fees, etc.… it’s considerably more expensive and actually takes longer.

Overland Shipping 18-wheeler

“Car carrier trailers” transport automobiles overland via semi-truck. Getting the cars into and out of these specially designed double-decker trailers takes deft skill. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

Many things can be recycled, but did you know that cars are the most recycled item worldwide? More than twenty-six million tons of metal, plastics, and other items are gained from recycling cars each year.

Dipping Numbers

In 2017, the automobile market sold over eighty million units worldwide. The projected number of units sold in 2021 is dipping to under sixty-eight million units worldwide.

Green Vehicles electric car charger

Think electric cars are new? Not so; in fact, in the year 1900, 38% of automobiles were electric. At this time in history, 44% of automobiles actually ran on steam.

Autos Carrying Autos

Semi-trucks equipped with car carrier trailers can carry 5-9 automobiles, but no more than 800,000lbs.

China Does Double-Duty

In China, specially designed car carrier trailers can transport cars not only on 2 levels but also side-by-side.             Car Keys

A Car For Everyone? 

There are roughly 1.36 billion automobiles in use throughout the world. That’s over 1 car for every 7 people!

1930's Self-Driving Cars 

Self-driving technology is growing by leaps and bounds, but it got its start in 1939. The first “autonomous car” was unveiled at an exhibition where it “drove” itself by being guided on electromagnetic fields from metal embedded in the road.

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