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Offshore rig management requires tailored logistics solutions to cater for the ongoing process of keeping the rig fully maintained and operational. Recognizing the need for flexible and adaptable supply chain processes, Crane Worldwide Logistics in Australia has established supply bases to support offshore drilling organizations in order to create proactive services to the energy industry throughout the country.  

The Challenge

Offshore rigs arrive from different parts of the world to Australia, with strict quarantine and customs processes, the management of incoming rigs is a complex entry that requires full logistics and customs support. Once in Australia, the rigs need ongoing maintenance, management of supplies, equipment manoeuvres and crew management as logistics examples. The ongoing process of keeping the offshore rigs functioning requires superior support to maintain the operation. When a rig is down, the cost to the business is substantial and therefore ongoing operations are critical  to success.

Our Solution

Crane Worldwide Logistics support offshore rig management with a unique set-up of fully functioning supply bases in Broome, Melbourne Port and Karratha. Supplies from vendors for the rigs enter our warehouses and are vetted by our logistics experts. Counting and receipt, quality control, checking and additional value-added services are also provided. Vendor support is also offered, given the unique relationships between Crane Worldwide and the energy industry in Australia and domestic trucking is provided to the supply bases. Waste management, crew services and lay down/warehouse space are also services available.  

The supply bases not only handle the day-to-day freight forwarding and logistics requirements for the rigs but also the 24/7 urgent requirements that include time sensitive hand carry logistics services.

The Result

Establishing core supply base hubs throughout Australia has supported many energy clients to ensure the effective maintenance and ongoing supplies to offshore rigs. When an urgent line down situation occurs within the energy industry, the cost can be in the region of $200,000 to $300,000 per day. Providing ongoing tailored solutions for our clients, served through dedicated supply base hubs at key locations in Australia enables clients to focus on offshore activity knowing that the supply chain for their rig is under control with the Crane Worldwide Logistics energy specialists.  

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