South Africa: Shipping Medical Supplies to support the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Channels Medical Solutions is a distributor of specialized solutions in neurodiagnostic and respiratory aparatus. They also dispense electromedical products, accessories, and consumables. As the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic reached South Africa, imports of oxygen concentrators surged as the South African healthcare system required more products to support communities throughout the country. As airlines began to cancel services into Johannesburg, the client reached out to Crane Worldwide with their urgent freight request for imports from China and the United States.

    The Challenge

    As the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world's airline services, due to the lack of demand, passenger flights have dramatically reduced. In some cases, airlines have grounded all of their operations. In terms of cargo space, this means that the 'belly' freight storage usually available to freight forwarders on passenger aircraft is significantly reduced. The limited capacity creates a challenge to find affordable cargo space for clients. Also, the lack of workforce supporting trucking operations further complicates delivery schedules. Currently, in South Africa, driver permits are also required for domestic transportation to ensure that the stay-at-home policy is being strictly adhered to. The country has strict control of the lockdown that is in place to limit the spread of the virus.

    Our Solution

    With a sense of urgency, the Johannesburg team worked diligently to find an urgent air freight solution for our client. The Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that global partnerships and relationships are of utmost importance to ensure that global supply chains continue to operate. Medical supplies are a priority at this time. Teamwork, trust, and collaboration with our partners are of critical importance in times of need. The Johannesburg team reached out to the global logistics experts at the Crane Worldwide offices to ensure a solution was found as quickly as possible. Our global experts, working with our airline partners, secured the most efficient air freight options to enable the international transportation of the oxygen concentrators. Constant changing airline schedules, including cancellations as well as limited space challenges, did not stop the team from ensuring the safe and timely delivery of the critical medical supplies to South Africa.

    “Crane Worldwide Logistics never stops to exceed our expectations here in South Africa. You have an excellent team.”

    The Result

    The oxygen concentrators were imported from the United States and China from numerous suppliers and delivered safely to our client. At a time when necessary equipment is needed around the world due to the Coronavirus, the sense of urgency and flexibility provided by the global team at Crane Worldwide ensured that we were at our clients' side as a trusted partner when they needed us the most. The use of this essential equipment will support the ongoing efforts in South Africa to help victims of the Coronavirus disease. As critical infrastructure workers, we are proud to keep supply chains moving and support our clients with urgent freight requests. We will do all that is possible to help you achieve your logistics goals in these uncertain times.

    At Crane Worldwide, we believe in trust, collaboration, and teamwork.

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