Brexit complications resolved for the Jewelry industry in Ireland.

BREXIT - Simplified VAT and Duty processes post Brexit implemented by Crane Worldwide Logistics.

With retail stores closed due to COVID-19 and the Brexit transition which ended on December 31, 2020, Irish retail stores specializing in jewelry were presented with many challenges due to a momentous change in customs processes as the United Kingdom departed the European Union.
Keanes Jewellers, a large family-run business in Ireland with stores in Cork, Limerick, and Killarney and a leader in the jewelry market in Ireland, incurred customs challenges and approached Crane Worldwide Logistics for customs advice and support.

The Challenge

In Ireland, the jewelry industry relies heavily upon suppliers from the United Kingdom for new stock and for product repairs. Contractual agreements with existing suppliers were in place upon the eve of Brexit. Irish companies relied upon a smooth customs process to ensure goods continued to arrive on time and schedule.
In general, Keane’s products are transported via couriers. There was much confusion in the delivery market relating to the new procedures and incurred many customs entry delays as new Brexit processes were implemented. With an average of 40 to 50 shipments from the U.K. to Ireland and significant delays due to individual VAT and Duty payments, Keanes determined the best way forward was to utilize an adaptable logistics company to provide the flexible support needed during this challenging period.

Our Solution

The Crane Worldwide Logistics team stepped into managing the initial complications with personalized transportation direct to end-users. Working in partnership with Keanes’ management, the Crane Worldwide team recognized that a postponed VAT solution could be implemented, allowing the company to pay VAT duty later in a consolidated VAT return managed by Crane Worldwide Logistics. 
In addition, a dispersant opportunity to pay duty within 10 days could be implemented. This simplified the procedure and allowed Keanes to receive an invoice from Crane Worldwide weekly rather than individual invoices for every shipment directly from couriers avoiding additional paperwork and processing.

“Since we took on the services of Crane Worldwide Logistics in Ireland we have been delighted with the results achieved. Our parcel distribution has been able to continue seamlessly, uninterrupted thanks to Edith and her team. Using Crane Worldwide has given us great peace of mind while navigating these past few transitional months, and we have been able to focus our attention on other parts of the business while being confident that Crane Worldwide Logistics have this side of the business handled for us.”

The Result

The partnership with Crane Worldwide Logistics led to a smooth flow of deliveries and customs entries from the U.K. to Keanes jewelry stores throughout Ireland. Initial Brexit complications, which were further exacerbated by the lockdown in Ireland due to the COVID pandemic, were overcome with a dedicated customs service by the Crane Worldwide team to support deliveries throughout Ireland. Providing a comprehensive customs solution for Keanes, Crane Worldwide prevented delays and administration time, creating a tangible benefit for Keanes in terms of cost savings. Crane Worldwide has developed extensive knowledge of the jewelry market in Ireland and now has a prominent reputation and expertise in the U.K. to Ireland processes for handling high-end consumer goods for local retail outlets.

Keanes continues to be a leading jewelry retailer in Ireland. Their full range of products available here

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