July 13, 2022

UK & EU Customs – Important changes

United Kingdom and European Union Customs Changes 

Between now and March next year there are several changes coming in that will affect the way we notify customs, here below we have set out a high level account of those changes.

June 2022
Effective from 12th June 2022, the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia increased duty rates over a variety of commodities imported from 3rd countries, including live animals, foodstuffs, minerals, chemicals, plastic, glass products, aluminium, and machinery, equipment and electrical goods and automotive. The purpose of the increased duty rates is designed to protect and encourage domestic manufacturing and farming.

July 2022
On the 1st July 2022 the UK government planned to introduce the next phase of border controls, which included Safety & Security (S&S) declarations and Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) checks and documentation for freight arriving from the EU, however, this part of the border control implementation has been postponed. An update is expected in the autumn 2022.

From Tuesday 5th July 2022 customs will no longer permit new access to CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight). Anybody that wishes to start processing customs declarations must now request set up in CDS (Customs Declaration System).

The ability to present customs declarations through the CHIEF training facility will end on the 26th July 2022. Pre presentation of entries through this facility has been very useful in the past, both in terms of learning how to prepare certain customs declarations but also to pre-determine customs duty and tax implications without committing live data. Going forward brokers will now have to rely on the integrity of their customs software or by manual means to pre-determine certain information in advance of submitted the live data.

September 2022
On 30th September 2022 the phasing out of the 25 year old UK customs system CHIEF will commence. The first phase of the closure on this date will be the termination of the import system, with the expectation that everybody that still wishes to submit import declarations to UK customs from this date forward are able to do so through CDS. Traders that utilise a customs agent to submit data on their behalf will also be required to register for CDS in order that they can review entries that have been submitted in their name and manage authorisations, such as deferment, postponed VAT accounting and other customs facilitations.

Autumn 2022
British customs (HMRC) are expected to announce when the next phase of border controls are to be implemented, which is not expected until Q4 of 2023

March 2023
On the 1st March 2023, the second phase of ICS2 (Import Control System Version 2) will be implemented, meaning that Freight Forwarders who arrange shipments into the European Union from a 3rd country and raise a House Air Way Bill will be required to submit advance import security information into the new ICS2 system. 

The final phase of the phased closure of CHIEF occurs on the 31st March 2023, whereby it will no longer be possible to submit export declarations through this platform. After this date all export declarations, as it will be already for import declarations, must now be transmitted into CDS.

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