November 7, 2022

Trucking in the European Union - Update

European Trucking Update - Mobility Package

Please see below updates to EU trucking regulations.

Drivers hours and Tachograph rules

Since the 2nd February 2022, it has become mandatory for the country you are entering to be recorded on your tachograph when crossing the border. The aim of this regulation is to make cabotage more controllable. Newer tachographs will automatically record border crossings, but it is worth checking whether you need to make the changes manually.

From the 31st December 2024, drivers must carry proof of driver hours worked (working, driving, on-call and rest times) for the day and the last 56 days. This is to improve the control and quality of weekly rest periods.
From 2026, vehicles over 2.5 tonnes must also have tachographs and comply with driver hours regulations. This is to prevent competition issues caused by vans with sleeper cabs. It will also increase road safety.
From 21st August 2023, all new commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must have a next generation (version 2) smart tachograph. This includes new tachograph cards.

Foreign drivers posted into the EU

All EU workers regardless of country have the right to the same working conditions. Cross border freight transport and cabotage rules are the same for all to ensure fair competition and equal pay

Market Access – additional cabotage rules

From the 21st February 2022, a cooling-off period of four days must be respected after the cabotage workload has been exhausted.
To prevent illegal cabotage. Drivers and vehicles must be returned to one of the operational centres in that Member State at least within eight weeks after leaving it.

Amendment to EU regulation 561/2006

From the 21st May 2022, cross-border freight vehicles over 2.5 tonnes must now abide by occupational access requirements.

The link to the IRU page that details these changes can be found here

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