July 10, 2020

Brexit transition period webinar available!

When will the Brexit Transition End?

December 31st 2020 is the end of the Brexit transition period. 

Currently, negotiations are ongoing between the UK and  the European Union to arrive at a  trade  deal  that benefits the UK and EU. There is some misconception about changes to border procedures not necessarily being introduced if an agreement reached. On January 1, 2021, cross-border exchanges will change between the EU and the UK – irrespective of whether a future partnership has been concluded or not.

The end of Round 6 and only a few months remaining, the EU and the UK have yet to agree.

Fisheries – The EU is looking for the UK to commit to conditions of open and fair competition and a balanced agreement on fisheries,

The level playing field for free and fair competition – EU wants robust guarantees from the UK for a level playing field – including on State aid and standards – to ensure open and honest competition among our businesses. This refers to a set of common rules and standards that are used primarily to prevent companies in one country, undercutting their rivals in other countries. It is suggested that the European Commission and the European Court of Justice be responsible for overseeing and enforcing them.

UK Red Lines
No role for the European Court of Justice in the UK; the right to determine future UK laws without constraints and;
an agreement on fisheries that shows that Brexit makes a real difference compared to the existing situation

The recording of our recent Brexit transition webinar is now available, listen if for more information!

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