August 24, 2020

Expansion of Customs Brokerage Services at Crane Worldwide Logistics

New hub for customs brokerage services in Detroit, Michigan.

Houston, TX – September 1st, 2020 

Crane Worldwide Logistics announced today that their customs brokerage center is fully operational in Detroit, Michigan. Crane Worldwide can now file customs entries, in-bonds, ISF filings, and Foreign Trade Zone admissions out of the Detroit branch

Detroit is one of several regional customs brokerage centers for Crane Worldwide; this provides a great opportunity to bundle cross border trucking and customs brokerage. The Detroit branch is designated for the northern border and automotive sector but is available and equipped to serve all industries. 

Crane Worldwide Logistics has highly skilled teams across the United States that provide integrated supply chain and customs brokerage services and support for after hours, weekends, and holiday clearances. With the expansion of brokerage service into Detroit, Crane Worldwide has the ability to offer door-to-door service to all industries, including a specialization in automotive clients, within the regions through the two major gateways under the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

"Developing strong foundations for growth at Crane Worldwide is key to developing our service and we are very pleased to announce our new customs brokerage office in Detroit. Even though brokers can file remotely, geography still plays an important role in ensuring we meet our client’s needs. Industries can vary by location; therefore, it is important we also have the compliance expertise that goes with that," states Alexandra Kleinschmidt, VP Customs Brokerage & Trade Advisory Services. 

“We are delighted to welcome Matthew Scibiorski on board to lead the Crane Worldwide trade team in Detroit,” adds Kleinschmidt. “He is a Licensed Customs Broker with ten years of experience on the service provider and manufacturing side of the industry. His education includes a master’s degree in economics with a focus on international trade.” 

Crane Worldwide offers a one-stop-shop with their trade advisory services working in conjunction with customs brokerage to ensure a maximum level of compliance for their clients.  The client portal offered by Crane Worldwide is web-based allowing seamless visibility to access the Crane customs brokerage system, it also allows for report generation, data analysis, and document retrieval. Crane Worldwide also offers to Remote Location Filing (RLF), electronic data interchange (EDI), flat file capabilities, and standard protocol for pre-clearance. 

The Customs Brokerage and Trade Advisory team at Crane Worldwide is offering a complimentary half day compliance seminar for the first ten clients that are onboarded in the month of September. 

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