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At Crane Worldwide Logistics our Consumer Goods sector experts focus on a holistic view of a product's supply chain from the outset of product development to final end-user delivery to support increasing consumer demands.

Bonded Warehousing - Need Help?

When using a customs bonded warehouse, goods can be held until duties and inspections are addressed. In some cases, exporters can defer payment of duty and taxes until the goods have been purchased. Bonded storage can provide significant cost savings and allow for goods to be stored closer to the end user. With bonded facilities all over the world, our consumer goods logistics experts will support your operations with agile and flexible solutions.

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“Our goal is to provide flexible and agile transportation, storage and value added processes for consumer goods trade through our international network, utilizing the most cost efficient and reliable supply chain options.”

Supply Chain: Consumer Goods 

Planning and working together with supply chain partners creates efficiencies to overcome unforeseen challenges in the fast-paced environment for Consumer Goods. Forecasting can be a challenge and flexibility in supply chain processes including transportation methods, warehouse locations, and accurate inventory visibility can make a difference to ensure supply meets demand. With a focus on fast moving consumer goods logistics (FMCG) from components to finished goods, Crane Worldwide can support your order fulfillment demands with full warehousing services, transportation and final delivery with real time visibiility.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG logistics)

Fast-moving consumer goods are non-durable consumer products that are in high demand, have a high turnover rate, and a short shelf-life. Products in this category include food (packaged, dairy products, bread, and baked goods), beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, office supplies, over-the-counter medicines, cleaning products, plastic goods, and small consumer electronics. These items have a low-profit margin and account for more than half of consumer spending worldwide. Supply chain efficiency is a key competitive advantage with real time visibility and efficient operations. Crane Worldwide works in partnership with our FMCG clients to ensure cost-effective operations worldwide and reduce overall shipping costs. With contract logistics, freight forwarding (air and ocean), value added services and e-commerce solutions, your integrated logistics solution can be tailor made to meet the exact needs of your operation.

Apparel Logistics

From season to season, fashion logistics and inventory management can be complex, from high-end design and couture to high street fashion and sporting wear, Crane Worldwide Logistics supports with flexibility and adaptability to changing market demands and seasonal adjustments. Working in partnership with retailers and manufacturers in the apparel industry, our freight forwarding and logistics services can support your international requirements with state of the art technology and real time visibility to support every purchase order. With extensive experience in apparel logistics from consolidation in Asia to full contract logistics services, reach out to the team for more information.

Consumer Electronics and Toys

The latest trends need laser focus on logistics operations, as popular products reach peak demand, Crane Worldwide’s full service retail logistics operations and supply chain solutions can be triggered to support your consumer electronics business during peak demand, tracking your inventory and delivering the service your clients expect in today's competitive retail market.. 

Lifestyle Brands

Many lifestyle brands focus on the interests, aspirations, and motivations of their customers. Equally Crane Worldwide Logistics, will focus on your logistics models to support your desired outcomes. From lifestyle choices in the sports industry to the latest fashion trends, our goal is to focus on your logistics operations including fulfillment centers and distribution centers to keep your supply chain running smoothly across borders. The personal touch is important to consumers, we believe the same goes for B2B logistics operations and are flexible in our approach to meeting your logistics needs.


From the transportation and storage of core ingredients to end product goods distribution, Crane Worldwide supports your operations with a flexible approach to ensure your manufacturing processes and retail outlets are fully stocked with the necessities to keep your brands on the shelves. 

Speed to Market

Delivery expectations are high, from additional freight capacity to warehouse support, cross border operations and value-added solutions, Crane Worldwide Logistics works in partnership with our clients to find the most cost-effective and efficient supply chain solution with agility and flexibility.


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