Complete Global Energy Services

From operational to geographical and in between, the energy industry demands Crane Worldwide Logistics’ rigid standards and an absolute worldwide logistics’ focus to support Operational Excellence in global energy services.

An Overview of the Oil and Gas Logistics Industry

The oil and gas industry is evolving at a phenomenal pace, and greater evolution means a renewed focus on the abilities of oil and gas logistics companies to offer new and effective solutions. According to IBISWorld, the market size of the oil drilling and gas extraction industry is set at approximately $737.3 billion in 2023, despite an anticipated decline of 7.9%. Meanwhile, uncertainty is everywhere, and energy companies are looking for ways to improve operability and efficiency. That starts with effective partnerships.

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    Why Choose Crane Worldwide Logistics for Global Energy Solutions?

    Since its inception, Crane Worldwide Logistics has focused solving the problems within the energy industry. We create new strategies to reduce transportation costs for today’s energy logistics companies. We comprehend and develop logistics solutions to mitigate the energy industry’s unique problems by: 

    • Navigating the pitfalls of monsoon and hurricane season for our offshore deliveries.
    • Prioritizing energy transport and creating a cost-effective strategy for our clients.
    • Working with downstream network partners and contracts to facilitate seamless hand-off.

    Our supply chain expertise spans the entire oil, gas, and mining sectors. Supported by industry-leading technology, we believe in possibilities, not limitations. That’s the same whether we’re serving natural gas supply chains or transporting goods to facilities located in areas of limited infrastructure. 

    What Are Supply Chain Energy Solutions?

    Supply chain energy solutions provide the necessary support to ensure oil and gas logistics companies are running smoothly and efficiently. Energy cargo logistics specialists work throughout the network to eliminate risk of stock-outs for offshore and inland facilities. The logistics energy network is dependent on an uninterrupted energy supply logistics chain to keep all processes running. That’s especially true for companies operating sensitive equipment, and it starts to blend with project logistics capabilities for moving heavy equipment and machinery to such facilities. 

    • Oil and Gas Transportation.
    • Spare Parts Service / Procurement / Shipping.
    • Coordinated Efforts to Maximize Asset Production.
    • Logistics Services for Clean Energy Suppliers.
    • Comprehensive Understanding of Legal Requirements.
    • Ability to Respond When Things Go Wrong (Husbandry).
    • Energy Transportation Tracking.

    How Energy Logistics Differ From Usual-Grade SCM.

    Crane Worldwide Logistics enables true global energy services with a focus on:

    • Energy logistics includes purchasing, storage, transportation (pipeline for OTR) and mining sectors.
    • Subject to laws of differing countries.
    • Requires specialized shipping/heavy haul consideration.
    • Emphasis on reducing environmental impact is even greater. 
    • Harsh, Isolated Conditions for Both Offshore and Mining Operations
    • Project logistics to relocate and deliver heavy equipment and complex machinery to different sites–whether offshore or inland logistics energy needs.

    Crane Worldwide Logistics helps preserve equipment by taking it offline and reacts quickly to any new issues that arise. 

    The Types of Global Energy Services & Logistics.

    Our global resources, a comprehensive selection of logistics services, and information technology is unmatched. We provide a solution to keep your fleet, field sites, and projects operating at optimal performance and production levels.

    • Global Supply & Resupply Hub Management.
    • PO Management and Execution.
    • Specialized Heavy Shipments & Rig Moves.
    • Rig and Maritime Logistics Support.
    • OCTG Solutions for Gas Companies.
    • Site and Route Studies for Renewable Energy Solutions.
    • Global Husbandry and Agency Services.
    • Riser Cleaning Services.
    • Locating Cleanout Stations for Equipment.

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